The 3rd Research Meeting of Ultra-high Precision Meso-Scale Weather Prediction


The 3rd conference of "Ultra-high Precision Meso-Scale Weather Prediction" organized by SPIRE Field3 "Advanced Prediction Researches for Natural Disaster Prevention and Reduction" was held on March 21, 2013.

 March 21, 2013 (Thu) 09:00-17:30

 Large Conference Room, Nichii Gakkan Kobe Port Island Center
 7-1-5, Minatojima-Minamimachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0047, Japan

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The 3rd Research Meeting of Ultra-high Precision Meso-Scale Weather Prediction

09:00-09:20 ■Opening Session
  ・Opening Address Akihide Segami (MRI)
・Strategic Programs for Innovative Research (SPIRE) Field 3 Tatsushi Tokioka (JAMSTEC)
Super high accuracy mesoscale weather prediction(2.6MB) Kazuo Saito (MRI/JAMSTEC)
09:20-10:35   ■Development of cloud-resolving data assimilation systems Chair: Tadashi Tsuyuki (MRI)
  Challenges in Data Assimilation for Mesoscale Convective Systems(900KB) Tadashi Tsuyuki (MRI)
The new operational high-resolution regional NWP model at JMA(700KB) Hisaki Eito (JMA)
Development of New NHM-4DVAR unified with JNoVA(550KB) Takuya Kawabata (MRI)
Development of nonhydrostatic meso 4D-VAR data assimilation system(800KB) Kosuke Ito (JAMSTEC)
Doppler radar data assimilation using CReSS-3DVAR system for the supercell storm observed around Tukuba city on 6th May 2012.(7.6MB) Shingo Shimizu (NIED)
Neighboring Ensemble-based variational assimilation scheme for a Cloud-Resolving Model(600KB) Kazumasa Aonashi・and Seiji Origuchi (MRI)
10:35-10:50    Break
10:50-11:20   Convective scale ensemble-based data assimilation and forecasting: Recent progresses at CAPS(Keynote)(7.6MB) Ming Xue(University of Oklahoma)
11:20-12:50   ■Development of a regional cloud-resolving ensemble analysis and forecasting system Chair: Hiromu Seko (MRI/JAMSTEC)
  Development of a regional cloud-resolving ensemble analysis and forecasting system/Ensemble experiments of Tsukuba tornado using a nested-LETKF system (3.6MB) Hiromu Seko (MRI/JAMSTEC)
Data assimilation experiment on the K computer(1.5MB) Masaru Kunii (MRI)
A mesoscale super-high-resolution modelling on horizontal convective rolls: The impacts of landuse and buildings(2.7MB) Guixing Chen (Tohoku University)
Incremental LETKF Mesoscale Analysis System(1.3MB) Tohru Kuroda (MRI/JAMSTEC)
Test of deterministic assimilation in NHM-LETKF(800KB) Duc Le (MRI/JAMSTEC)
Multi-scale treatment in Ensemble-based data assimilation(800KB) Takemasa Miyoshi (RIKEN AICS)
A study about optimization of NHM for using on K computer, and flash flood simulation for several small rivers in Kobe.(3.1MB) Tsutao Oizumi (JAMSTEC)
12:50-14:00    Lunch
14:00-14:10   ■Address Tetsuyuki Muramatsu (MEXT)
14:10-17:00   ■Development and basic research for the ultra-high precision regional models Chair: Fujio Kimura (JAMSTEC)
14:20-14:50   How to develop the physics algorithms in atmospheric models (Keynote)(3.3MB) SongYou Hong (Yonsei University)
14:50-15:15   Future development for the ultra-high precision regional models(350KB) Fujio Kimura(JAMSTEC)
・Development of Euler-Lagrangian Debris Flow Modeling using parallel computation Yosuke Yamashiki (DPRI)
The 100-m mesh simulations of cumulus convection over the tropical ocean during the active phase of MJO (600KB)Tetsuya Takemi (DPRI)
15:15-15:30    Break
15:30-17:10   Development of cloud resolving model with multi-dimensional bin- microphysics(850KB) Akihiro Hashimoto (MRI)
Development of new binned cloud microphysics model based on multi-dimensional bin method(2MB) Kentaro Araki (MRI)
Development of a bulk parameterization scheme of warm rain using results of a bin microphysical model for RICO case(500KB) Kozo Nakamura(JAMSTEC)
Applying Mellor Yamada-type turbulent closure for "Terra Incognita"(750KB) Junshi Ito (AORI)
Numerical simulations of shallow clouds by SCALE-LES3(2.8MB) Yousuke Sato (RIKEN AICS)
Triple eyewall experiment of the 2012 typhoon "Bolaven" using cloud resolving ensemble forecast(5.5MB) Seiji Origuchi (MRI)
Concentric Eyewall Structure of Typhoon Bolaven (2012)(800KB) Satoki Tsujino and Kazuhisa Tsuboki
A very high-resolution simulation of the F3 Tsukuba Tornado on 6 May 2012(500KB) Wataru Mashiko (MRI)
17:10-17:30   ■General Discussion Chair: Kazuo Saito (MRI/JAMSTEC)
18:00-19:30   ■Banquet at Focus
※These literatures are achievements of SPIRE Field3 "Advanced Prediction Researches for Natural Disaster Prevention and Reduction".
These handouts appear courtesy of the author. To duplicate, reprint and refer the documents without authorization are prohibited.

landscapes of the conference
Tatsushi Tokioka (JAMSTEC)
Tatsushi Tokioka (JAMSTEC)

Tetsuyuki Muramatsu (MEXT)
Tetsuyuki Muramatsu (MEXT)

Kazuo Saito (MRI/JAMSTEC)
Kazuo Saito (MRI/JAMSTEC)

Tadashi Tsuyuki (MRI)
Tadashi Tsuyuki (MRI)

landscapes of the hall



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