The 4th Research Meeting of Ultra-high Precision Meso-Scale Weather Prediction


The 4th conference of
"Ultra-high Precision Meso-Scale Weather Prediction" organized by SPIRE Field3 "Advanced Prediction Researches for Natural Disaster Prevention and Reduction" was held on March 7, 2014.

  March 7, 2014 (Fri) 09:00-17:30

  Kobe Convention Center 'Kobe International Conference Center'
  6-9-1 Minatojima-nakamachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0046, Japan

Program  Please see here for further details

The 4th conference of
"Ultra-high Precision Meso-Scale Weather Prediction"

·Opening Address and Introduction

-Opening Address Yoshio Kawaguchi (MEXT)

-Introduction of HPCI Strategic Program Field 3 Shiro Imawaki (JAMSTEC)

-Introduction of Ultra-high Precision Mesoscale NWP Kazuo Saito (MRI·JAMSTEC)

·Development of cloud-resolving data assimilation system
(Chair: Kazumasa Aonashi, MRI·JAMSTEC)
-Challenges in cloud-resolving data assimilation Kaszumasa Aonashi (MRI·JAMSTEC)

-Development of cloud-resolving data assimilation systems Kaszumasa Aonashi (MRI·JAMSTEC)

-Data assimilation Experiments of Tsukuba Tornado on May 6, 2012 with the Nested-LETKF system Sho Yokota (MRI)

-Mesoscale weather prediction with a hybrid EnKF-4DVAR system Kousuke Ito (JAMSTEC·MRI)

10:25-10:35           Coffee Break
·Development of a regional cloud-resolving ensemble analysis and forecast systems
(Chair:Hiromu Seko, MRI·JAMSTEC)

-Keynote Speech : Ensemble prediction of intense summer rainfall in the UK
Brian Golding (UK Met Office)

-Further development of a regional cloud-resolving ensemble analysis and forecast systems Hiromu Seko (MRI·JAMSTEC)

-An application of increments LETKF on 2011 Kyushu heavy rain Tohru Kuroda (JAMSTEC·MRI)

-Ensemble forecast of storm surges induced by the typhoon Haiyan Le Duc (JAMSTEC·MRI)

-Development of the NHM-EnVar system Seiji Origuchi (MRI)

-Data assimilation experiments for TCs with the LETKF Masaru Kunii (MRI)

-A forward step to new-era urban NWP:3D structure of the sea-breeze front head as revealed by super high-resolution mesoscale simulation Guixing Chen (Tohoku Univ.)

12:30-13:40           Group Photo and Lunch

-Development of large-scale flush flood and debris flow modeling Yousuke Yamashiki (DPRI)

-Ultra high-resolution meteorological simulation using the K computer Tsutao Oizumi (JAMSTEC)

-Ensemble flood prediction Ken-ichiro Kobayashi (Kobe Univ.)

-Ensemble flood forecasting using transposition of NWP rainfall fields considering orographic rainfall Yu Wansik (DPRI)

·Development and basic research for the ultrahigh precision regional models
(Chair: Kozo Nakamura, JAMSTEC)

-Keynote Speech : Real case simulations using spectral bin cloud microphysics: Remarks on precedence research and future activity
Takamichi Iguchi (University of Maryland・NASA GSFC)

-Future development for the ultrahigh precision regional models Kozo Nakamura (JAMSTEC)

-Super high-resolution simulation of the fine-scale tornado structure Wataru Mashiko (MRI)

15:35-15:45           Coffee Break

-Development of cloud resolving model with multi-dimensional bin-microphysics Akihiro Hashimoto (MRI)

-Verification of a bulk scheme based on the bin scheme results Kozo Nakamura (JAMSTEC)

-The effects of resolution on the reproducibility of Non-Hydrostatic Regional Climate Model Masaya Nosaka (MRI)

-Dependency of horizontal resolution on accumulation processes of low-level water vapor Teruyuki Kato (MRI)

-An extension of Mellor-Yamada model to apply for the resolution of Terra Incognita Junshi Ito (AORI)

-Resolution dependence of deep moist atmospheric convection in a non-hydrostatic global model Yoshiaki Miyamoto (AICS)

17:15-17:45        General discussion (Chair: K. Saito, MRI·JAMSTEC)

18:00-                  Social gathering

※These literatures are achievements of SPIRE Field3 "Advanced Prediction Researches for Natural Disaster Prevention and Reduction".
These handouts appear courtesy of the author. To duplicate, reprint and refer the documents without authorization are prohibited.

landscapes of the conference
Yoshio Kawaguchi
Yoshio Kawaguchi (MEXT)

Shiro Imawaki
Shiro Imawaki (JAMSTEC)

Brian Golding
Brian Golding (UK Met Office)

Takamichi Iguchi
Takamichi Iguchi (University of Maryland·NASA GSFC)

Kazuo Saito
Kazuo Saito (MRI·JAMSTEC)

Hiromu Seko
Hiromu Seko (MRI·JAMSTEC)

Kazumasa Aonashi
Kazumasa Aonashi (MRI·JAMSTEC)

Kazumasa Aonashi
Kozo Nakamura (JAMSTEC)

Brian Golding
Brian Golding (question and answer session)

Coffee Break
Coffee Break

Social gathering1
Social gathering1

Social gathering2
Social gathering2

Group photo
Group photo