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♦Background and Objectives

The Madden-Julian oscillation (MJO) is the dominant intraseasonal variability in the Tropics as an eastward propagating disturbance that is mainly manifested during the boreal winter-spring season. The MJO influences not only tropical climate but also the variability of precipitation and other many atmospheric and oceanic parameters over the world through the interaction with the monsoon, El Niño, tropical cyclones, and others. Since the MJO is a phenomenon coupled with deep cumulus convections, it is manifested over the warm pool region from the central/eastern Indian Ocean through the western Pacific Ocean. However, even now there is no definitive explanation for the onset of convection in the MJO. In addition, intensive field experiment focusing on its initial appearance has not been conducted in the central Indian Ocean.

Therefore, the experiment MISMO using the R/V MIRAI is designed to investigate the characteristics of the atmospheric and oceanic variability in the central-eastern Indian Ocean and in the boreal fall season for the study on the onset of the MJO-convection.

Various atmospheric and oceanographic observations using Doppler radar, radiosonde, surface met monitor, CTD, ADCP, and so on will be carried out as a stationary observation at (0, 80.5E) about one month from the late October 2006, focusing on the vertical structure of water vapor, clouds, divergence field as well as diurnal cycle of sea surface temperature and surface flux. It is highly remarked that the combination with the buoy network deployed in this region is essential for this experiment, since it helps not only to study the heat budget but also to capture the long-term and wide-range atmospheric and oceanic features. In addition, as the MJO propagates eastward, zonal extension of the observational area is strongly desired. Thus, meteorological observations at Maldives Islands will also be conducted under the cooperation with the Maldives officials.


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