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Welcome to BEAGLE 2003 HP
BEAGLE 2003 Project Director
Masato Chijiya
@@As a part of the 30th anniversary commemoration of JAMSTEC, Japan Marine Science and Technology Center, an observation cruise around the Southern Hemisphere is carried out by R/V MIRAI. This cruise was named BEAGLE 2003 (Blue Earth Global Expedition) after HMS Beagle whose cruise provided British Naturalist, Sir Charles Darwin in the 19th century with a clue of ideas of "The Origin of Species". R/V MIRAI will depart from Brisbane, Australia in August 2003 and arrive in Fremantle, Australia in February 2004. She will sail across three oceans (the Pacific, the Atlantic, and the Indian Oceans) for only seven months, performing observations that include measuring water temperature, salinity, chemical substances, etc.
@@On this website, the latest information (about BEAGLE 2003) is updated every 10 days. We welcome your questions by e-mail about our observations and/or the ocean and will respond to those questions on our site. We hope that our website will increase your interest in the ocean and the global environment.
Issued on July 31, 2003

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