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Chartering Research Vessels, Vehicles, and Equipment

With the objective to contribute to the improvement of marine science and technology and to the advancement of academic research, the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) conducts research cruises using its own research vessels/facilities.
These facilities are available for contract research; chartering costs and contact information for such cruises are as follows.

Price list (as of JPFY 2020) for chartering research vessels with or without specific facilities and equipment

Research Vessel Vehicles/Equipment
(AUV/ROV/Submersible, etc.)
Day Rate[1]
(x1000 JPY)
Yokosuka None 6,514
Shinkai 6500 (submersible)[2] 9,084
Urashima (AUV)[2] 7,660
Jinbei (AUV)[2] 7,376
Kairei None 6,514
Kaiko (ROV)[2] 7,849
Jinbei (AUV)[2] 7,376
Mirai None 7,817
Shinseimaru None 5,212
Hyper-Dolphin (ROV)[2] 6,041
Hakuhomaru None 5,863
Kaimei None 7,166
Kaimei-ROV[2] 7,991
Boring Machine System (BMS)[2] 8,544
Kaimei-ROV, BMS 8,951
Power Grab Sampler with Finder (FPG)[2] 7,672
Jinbei (AUV)[2] 8,027
Hyper-Dolphin (ROV)[2] 7,995
40 m Giant Piston Corer (GPC)[2] 7,167
Multi-Channel Seismic System (MCS)[2] 8,009

[1] Fuel charge, port charge, observation support costs, insurance premiums for navigating sea areas outside the standard route, operation cost of submarine equipment (refer Appendix below) and consumption tax have to be paid in addition to Day Rate mentioned above.

[2] Vessels may be chartered "as is" but other facilities (AUVs, ROVs, etc.) cannot be leased independently; they MUST be chartered with a launching/recovering JAMSTEC vessel.

AUV: Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
ROV: Remotely Operated Vehicle


Operation cost of submarine equipment

Vehicles/Equipment Cost per dive or deployment
(x1000 JPY)
other cost
(x1000 JPY)
Shinkai 6500 1,463  
Kaiko 620  
Hyper-Dolphin 328  
Urashima (AUV) 450  
Jinbei (AUV) 844  
Kaimei-ROV 961  
BMS 1,266 Consumables per cruise: 7,200
GPC 1,502 Consumables per cruise: 13,565