Ultrasonic tank


1. The tank and anechoic device

  • Material
  • Tank demension
    9m (length) × 9m (width) × 9m (depth)
  • Anechoic device
    Absorbers (Meyer rubber) attached to all sides and bottom (5 surfaces)

2. Transducer Position Determination Control Device

For observations involving the sample, the sample position can be controlled and determined either automatically or manually. Information on the sample position is displayed in digital format.

Forward unit
Span: 13m (approx. 4.5m length with 8.5m depth)
Speed control: 0~10cm/s (variable speed)
Lateral unit
Lateral Span: 6m (approx. 4.5m length with 8.5m depth)
Lateral speed: 1cm/s
Vertical unit
Mounting weight: 500Kg (max.)
Vertical motion range:
1.7m above water / deepest dive 4.5m (approx.)
Vertical speed: 1cm/s
Positioning precision: within±3cm
Rotation unit
Rotation angle: 370°clockwise, 370°counterclockwise
Rotation rate: 3°/s to 0.5°/s (variable speed)
Angular precision: within±0.5°

Research fields

  1. Calibration and measurement of underwater acoustic transducer characteristics
  2. In-tank tests of various undersea instruments, sonar, and acoustic navigation instruments