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April 11, 2014

JAMSTEC Yokosuka Headquarters Open Day

Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) will be hosting an open house of its Yokosuka headquarters as described below.
As part of the National Science and Technology Week events, the open house is designed to foster knowledge and interest in marine science and technology, and increase public understanding and support by introducing research activities undertaken by JAMSTEC.

<Open House>

1. Date and Time:
Saturday, May 10, 2014, 9:30-16:30 (a rain-or-shine event)
*Admission is closed at 15:30.

JAMSTEC Yokosuka headquarters / 2-15 Natsushima-cho, Yokosuka
*Free shuttle bus services will be available from Oppama Station, Keihin-kyuko.

3. Main programs (Some programs and titles are subject to change.)
(1) Exhibition of deep submergence vehicle “Shinkai 6500”
Report on the QUELLE 2013, an around-the-world voyage

(2) Vessel open house

  • “ Yokosuka” (Support ship)
  • ”Shinsei Maru” (Research vessel for Tohoku Ecosystem-Associated Marine Sciences research program)

*No advance application is required.
*It may be cancelled depending on weather conditions.

(3) Open seminars
a) 10:00~11:00 (Round-table talk)
“Beyond JFAST: Towards understanding new earthquake mechanisms”
Shin’ichi Kuramoto (Center for Deep Earth Exploration)
Nobuhisa Eguchi (Center for Deep Earth Exploration)
Masataka Kinoshita (Kochi Institute for Core Sample Research)
Shuichi Kodaira (R&D Center for Earthquake and Tsunami)
Saneatsu Saito (R&D Center for Earthquake and Tsunami)

b) 11:30~12:30
“Traces of climate changes and global warming in oceans - Large-scale changes in the oceans communicated through the 3,500 ARGO floats”
Shigeki Hosoda (R & D Center for Global Change)

c) 13:00~14:00
“Approach mystery of continent formation! - Ocean Drilling with the JOIDES Resolution at the Izu-Bonin rear arc”
Morihisa Hamada (Department of Solid Earth Geochemistry)
Tetsuya Sakuyama (Department of Solid Earth Geochemistry)
On ship (Live broadcast):
Yoshihiko Tamura (R & D Center for Ocean Drilling Science)
Takashi Miyazaki (Department of Solid Earth Geochemistry)
Tomoki Sato (R & D Center for Ocean Drilling Science)

d) 14:30~15:30
“QUELLE 2013:Quest for Mystery and Limit of Life - Around-the-world voyage by Shinkai 6500 “
Hiroshi Kitazato (Project Team for Analyses of Changes in East Japan Marine Ecosystems)

(4) Exhibition of deep submergence vessels operated by JAMSTEC

  • Autonomous underwater vehicle “Urashima”
  • Autonomous underwater vessel “Otohime” & “Jinbei”
  • Remotely operated vessel “Kaiko”
  • Remotely operated vehicle ”ABISMO”

(5) Lab tours: Let’s go and see cutting-edge research labs in JAMSTEC!

Lab tour: Let’s touch deep sea creatures!
Morning session: On-line applicants chosen by lot Afternoon session: First-come and first-served basis
Lab tour for earth analysis (Mass spectrometry laboratory for dating rock and sediment samples)

*First-come and first-served basis

(6) Research activities: Feature on current research outcomes by JAMSTEC

  • Submarine resource research project
  • Journey to south! History of crustal evolution in the Izu-Ogasawara area
  • Let’s see through the Nankai Trough subduction zone – Story about accretionary prism
  • Research on earthquake rupture zone after the Tohoku-Oki earthquake
  • Global treasure: Core samples obtained from drilling programs
  • Simulation sciences for designing the future
  • Learn with fun!: Frontlines of earthquake and tsunami research

(7) Other events
A variety of events such as hands –on experiments, demonstration, hands-on activities will be offered.

  • Let’s name our new oceanographic vessel!
  • Art of blanket folding /Rope work (Nippon Marine Enterprises, Inc.)
  • Hands-on experiments about the ocean mystery (Marine Works Japan Ltd)
  • Welcome “Mirai.” (Global Ocean Development Inc)
  • Introduce multi-channel hydrophone streamer system and ocean bottom seismograph
  • Touch sea creatures (Kanagawa Prefectural Marine Science High School)
  • Information bureau on ocean and earth
  • Stamp rally
  • "Ebi gechu" - Catch zoo plankton in the water tank
  • Learn global environment with fun
  • Visit Hyperbaric Chambers
  • Volcanic explosion experiment
  • Kids park : Fan-making and sand art lessons
  • Picture book reading theater


  • Sales of JAMSTEC official goods and publications
  • Stall village, etc.

※ This Open Day is held with following sponsors:
Iwate Prefecture Taneichi High School, Oppama Tourism Association, NPO Omoshiro Kagaku Tanken Kobo, Kanagawa Prefectural Marine Science High School, Global Ocean Development Inc, Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Enoshima aquarium, Tokyo Sea Life Park, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd, Nippon Marine Enterprises Ltd, NPO Japan Underwater Robot Network, Mantle Quest Japan Company Ltd, Marine Works Japan Ltd, Yokosuka City, Oppama Administration Center, Yokosuka City Museum


Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)

(For open house)
Shigeyuki Hirose, Director, Public Relations Division/ Public Relations Department Email: hiroses@jamstec.go.jp
(For publication)
Kazushige Kikuchi, Director, Press Division / Public Relations Department
Email: press@jamstec.go.jp