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April 9, 2015

JAMSTEC Yokosuka Headquarters Open Day

The Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) will be hosting an open house at its Yokosuka headquarters as below. As part of the National Science and Technology Week events, it is designed to share our current activities and future visions, aiming to enhance interest in marine science and technology as well as increase public understanding and support to us. We look forward to welcoming many visitors.

1. Date and Time:
Saturday, May 16th, 9:30~16:00 (Last admission is at 15:30.)

JAMSTEC Yokosuka headquarters: 2-15 Natsushima-cho, Yokosuka
(Free bus shuttle service is available from Oppama station, Keikyu Line)

3. Programs and Events (some may be subject to change)
(1) Exhibition of Shinkai 6500, the manned submersible, celebrating the 25th Anniversary

(2) Hakuhomaru ship tour (*depending on weather conditions. )

(3) Open seminars

10:30~11:30: “Next-generation submergence vessel! Will you get on board or construct it?” by Yoshio Isozaki, Director-General, Marine Technology and Engineering Center
11:50~12:50: “Supercomputer Q&A” by Keiko Takahashi, Director-General, Center for Deep Earth Exploration
13:10~14:10: “Dig inside the Earth! -Chikyu’s 10th anniversary and talk about its future-” by Shin’ichi Kuramoto, Deputy Director-General, Center for Deep Earth Exploration
14:30~15:30:“ Explore earthquakes and tsunami from ocean and prepare for them” by Shuichi Kodaira, Director-General, Research and Development (R & D) Center for Earthquake and Tsunami

(4) Exhibition of JAMSTEC’s deep-sea exploration vessels

・Remotely operated vessel “Kaiko Mk-IV” and “Hyper Dolphin
・Autonomous underwater vessel “Otohime, ” ”Jinbei” and “Yumeiruka
・Autonomous surface vehicle ”Mainami

(5) Lab tours: Let’s visit our cutting-edge research labs!

“Earth analysis lab tour”: Tour to mass spectrometry laboratory for dating rock and sediment samples (first-come and first-served basis)

(6) Introduction of research activity

Latest report from JAMSTEC’s research achievements with exhibitions
・Learn about the global environment with fun!   
・Activity report on Tohoku Ecosystem-Associated Marine Science  
・Simulation science for designing future
・Ten-year history of Kochi Institute for Core Sample Research
・Northernmost research center of the main island: Activity at Mutsu Institute for Oceanography

(7) Other events (hands–on experiments, activities, demonstrations, etc.)

・Information bureau: Ocean and Earth
・"Ebi gechu" – Let’s catch zoo plankton in the water tank!
・Let’s learn abort Chikyu with fun!
・Science experiments: Grouping colors
・Watch, Listen and Learn: Mysterious deep-sea life
・Let’s take a peek inside a deep-see shark
・Scientist’s daily life
・Volcanic smoke experiment
・Volcanic explosion experiment
・Kids park : Let’s enjoy fan-making and sand art
・From kids to adults: Storytelling session/ Talk show by deep-sea bio-scientists/ Regular exhibition
・Let’s measure YOUR magnitude!
・Learn about seismology!
・Visit hyperbaric chambers
・Recruiting information for new graduates (administration/technology staff position)
・Stamp rally
・Ropework lesson (by Nippon Marine Enterprises, Ltd.)
・Introduction of Multi-Channel Seismic reflection survey and ocean-bottom seismograph (by Nippon Marine Enterprises, Ltd.)
・Various magic tricks (by Marine Works Japan Ltd.)
Mirai and ocean (by Global Ocean Development Inc.)
Nanbu diving demonstration (by Iwate Prefecture Taneichi High School)

(8) Others

・Sales of JAMSTEC official goods and publications
・Food stalls, etc.

4. Media visit
Please send your request via e-mail or fax, specifying the number of visors and equipment carried (if any) to Press Division, Public Department (Email: press@jamstec.go.jp / FAX: 046-867-9055).
It should be received by 17:00, May 8th.

* This Open Day is sponsored by (alphabet order):
Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute (The University of Tokyo), Enoshima aquarium, Global Ocean Development Inc., Iwate Prefecture Taneichi High School, Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park, Marine Works Japan Ltd, Nippon Marine Enterprises Ltd, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd, NPO Omoshiro Kagaku Tanken Kobo, Oppama Tourism Association, Oppama Administration Center in Yokosuka City, Tokyo Sea Life Park


(For open house)
Shigeyuki Hirose, Manager, Public Relations Division, Public Relations Department
Email: hiroses@jamstec.go.jp
(For media)
Hiroyasu Matsui, Manager, Press Division, Public Relations Department
Email: press@jamstec.go.jp