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Available Position Japan Agency for Marine and Earth-Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) is recruiting personnel for about five JAMSTEC Young Research Fellow (JYRF) positions.
Aim of Position In order to support and encourage talented early career researchers who have just obtained Ph.D. to further develop their research theme, JAMSTEC launched the program to foster them in 2014. This program renamed as "JAMSTEC Young Research Fellow (JYRF)" in 2019, has been producing excellent researchers who are active internationally.
JAMSTEC invites early career researchers who are expected to play an active role in the international community and who are willing to take on challenging research activities.
Job Description Successful fellows are expected to independently conduct scientific work on research topics of their own choice or to become involved in research already being conducted at JAMSTEC.
Research grants will be provided to successful fellows to facilitate the smooth start-up of their research at JAMSTEC (1,000,000 for the first fiscal year and 500,000 for the second and third years each). The successful fellow will also have access to the necessary facilities and equipment in JAMSTEC during the contract period.
Each successful fellow will be assigned a mentor and a sub-mentor. They are responsible for providing advice on the successful fellow's research progress and support for the all aspects of research life.

JAMSTEC’s Research and Development:

Research Vessels, Facilities and Equipment:

*The assignment to an institute will be determined by the screening committee.
*There may be a change in affiliation in the event of a reorganization of JAMSTEC.

[Relevant Research Fields]
Any natural science or engineering field
Requirements Applicants are required to have a Ph.D. in natural science or engineering field (including applicants expected to obtain a Ph.D. by the effective date of employment.)
*Specific dates regarding eligibility are below;
・ Applicants who have already been awarded a Ph.D. on or after August 1, 2018
・ Applicants who are expected to obtain a Ph.D. by September 30, 2024
Work Place Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)
・Yokosuka Headquarters
・Yokohama Institute for Earth Science
・Mutsu Institute for Oceanography
・Kochi Institute for Core Sample Research

*Work Place will be one of the institutions listed above. Please refer to the following website for details.

*Measures to prevent passive smoking: No smoking on the premises, no work in areas where smoking allowed.
Working Conditions & Contract Period (1) Number of positions:
About five JYRF positions

(2) Type of contract:
Fixed-term employee

(3) Working Hours:
Discretionary labor system
*The determination of working hours allocation, including start and end times, as well as the method of carrying out research and development activities (including teleworking), is left to the discretion of the employee.

(4) Contract Period:
Total period will be terminated on March 31, 2027, three full calendar years after several contract renewals.
*First contract period is from April 1, 2024, to March 31, 2025, in principle.
*Effective date is negotiable.
*Contract period can be renewed depending on the performance and working attitude of the successful fellows.
*In the event of acquisition of childcare leave, acquisition of nursing care leave, or other special circumstances, the contract may be further renewed up to two years after the end of the contract period set forth.
*On reaching the age of 65 during an employed fiscal year, the contract period will expire at the end of the same fiscal year.
*JYRF is a non-tenure-track, fixed-term employee position. However, the years of experience as JYRF will be included in the qualification when the researcher who has the JYRF experience applies for the selection examination for the permanent employee position.
Salary Annual salary (paid in 1/12 equal monthly payments)
JPY 5,250,000
*There is no raise.
*Bonuses and retirement allowance are included in the annual salary.
Terms of Employment (1) Upon appointment, the successful fellow will receive relocation allowances in accordance with JAMSTEC bylaws.
(2) Allowance for commuting expenses will be provided.
(3) Employee and JAMSTEC will share the premiums for social insurance and labor insurance in the proportion specified by current statute.
(4) JAMSTEC employee cooperative provides various subsidies for mutual aid and welfare services.
(5) Housing lease service is not available.
(6) Holidays and vacations: Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, year-end, and New Year's holidays. Annual vacations with pay, special vacations, leave of absence to care for a family member, and maternity leave are provided.
Application Procedure [Submission]
Please apply via the following website:

*The application website should be written in English. However, applicants who can write in Japanese are encouraged to write in Japanese.
*Since some of the notation is in Japanese on the website, please refer to the following input procedure when entering your information.
Application guide for JAMSTEC Young Research Fellow 2024

[Required documents]
*All documents should be submitted in English, except e).
*e) would be acceptable in both English and Japanese.
*All files should be uploaded in PDF format only.

a) CV:
*Please download the designated form and fill in the required information. Other forms are not accepted.
CV form (Excel)
*The person listed as a reference should be different from the person who wrote the letter of recommendation and should not be an employee or Visiting Researcher of JAMSTEC.
b) Summary of previous research (1 page)
c) Research plan at JAMSTEC (up to 6 pages; you may use diagrams if necessary.)
d) "Publication (achievement) list" including thesis titles and "List of competitive research funds" awarded to the applicant
*Please list publications in refereed (peer-reviewed) journals separately from unrefereed publications.
*Include DOI codes if available.
*If you have not been awarded any, include "none" in the list.
e) Letter of recommendation with signature by the writer
*Employee or Visiting Researcher of JAMSTEC will not be accepted as a writer of Letter of recommendation.
f) Two (or fewer) representative publications
*If you do not have a published paper, please upload a PDF stated "none".

Applicants will be selected based on submitted application material, followed by an interview.
*The web-based online interviews are expected basically.
*The interview will be held from late November to early December.
Closing Date August 28, 2023 at 23:59 in Japan time
*All the required documents, including the letter of recommendation, should be submitted from the website by this time and date.
*Depending on the situation of applications, the closing date may be extended.
Contact Human Resources Section, Human Resources Dept., JAMSTEC
Email: jyrf2024[at]jamstec.go.jp
*Please replace [at] with @ when addressing Emails.
*For inquiries by Email, please include "JYRF2024" in the subject line.

Please refer to our FAQs for more information.
If you can not find the answer you are looking for, please contact us.
Remarks (1) Submitted documents will be managed safely according to strict rules. Personal information received during the recruiting process will be used only for recruitment screening and appointment procedures and not for any other purposes.
(2) Successful fellows should submit a certificate documenting their health upon appointment.
(3) Please kindly inform us in case of withdrawal of your application by Email.
(4) Above conditions may be changed at the discretion of JAMSTEC.
Diversity and Inclusion In our quest to perform state-of-the-art research and develop scientific and technological innovations based on diverse values, JAMSTEC not only actively recruits women based on gender equality but also strives to create a work environment in which individuality is respected regardless of nationality, race, gender, self-recognition, age, or the presence or absence of disabilities.
In response to the diverse needs of our employees, we will also promote more flexible work styles and environments, including shorter working hours and opportunities for discretionary work.