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If you have any questions or opinions regarding JAMSTEC, the website, or employment opportunities, please contact the departments listed below. We also accept correspondence by email.


Yokosuka Headquarters
Tel: +81-46-866-3811
Fax: +81-46-867-9025
Yokohama Institute for Earth Sciences
Tel: +81-45-778-3811
Fax: +81-45-778-5498
Mutsu Institute for Oceanography
Tel: +81-175-25-3811
Fax: +81-175-25-3029
Kochi Institute for Core Sample Research
Tel: +81-88-864-6705
Fax: +81-88-878-2192
Tokyo Office
Tel: +81-3-5157-3900
Fax: +81-3-5157-3903

About JAMSTEC or the website

Public Relations Section
E-mail: jamstec-pr@jamstec.go.jp

About Request for Media Interview and Filming

Press Office
Fax: +81-45-778-5386

About request for movies, photos and graphics

Research Resource Management Section
Fax: +81-45-778-5386

About Chartering Research Vessels

Institute for Marine-Earth Exploration and Engineering (MarE3)

About disclosure of information and Privacy Policy

About information security

Information Security and System Department

About employment opportunities

Human Resources Section
Tel: +81-45-778-5712

About intellectual property

Research Resource Management Section
Fax: +81-45-778-5386

About industrial, academic, and governmental cooperation

Business Coordination Section
Tel: +81-45-778-5261
Fax: +81-45-778-5386

About Library (Yokohama Institute for Earth Sciences)

JAMSTEC Library (Research Support Section I)