4. Instrument development and laboratory studies

We are specialized in optics and atmospheric radical chemistry. We have developed a laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) instrument to measure ultra-low concentrations of atmospheric OH radicals, controlling the atmospheric oxidative capacity, and have conducted numbers of field observations. Recently, a hypothesis that its reservoir species, HO2 radicals, have missing sink on aerosol surfaces has been tested in the laboratory using an aerosol flow tube combined with the OH instrument. Our technology is applied to detection of autofluorescence from single aerosol particles, aiming at bioaerosol studies. Besides our past studies at ground sites, ship-borne observations are planned to test a hypothesis that marine-originating bacteria, blown off to the atmosphere are important ice nuclei, controlling climate system. To ensure that bioaerosols are measured, off-line, stained fluorescence of collected aerosol samples is also measured for comparisons. Electron microscopes are used for the observation of morphology of sampled particles. Also, BC amount in the precipitation, accumulated snow/sea ice will be analyzed in the laboratory (with IACE).

More information

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