1. Observations of Asian continental outflow at Fukue Island, western Japan

Since 2009, long-term observations of ozone, black carbon, PM2.5, and CO are conducted at Fukue Island, western Japan, occasionally receiving Asian continental outflow. The location is suitable to study photochemistry in the very aged air mass with large influence from continental emissions and wet removal processes of BC. The effect of transboundary air pollution regarding PM2.5 and ozone was studied combining observations with chemical transport models. In 2009, we conducted an intensive field campaign comprehensively observing PM2.5 composition and ozone precursor gases. The results were analyzed together with those from similar campaigns that we conducted in China (Rudong county, Jiangsu Province, China) and in Korea (Jeju Island). Our experience of conducting long-term and campaign observations at the summit of Mt. Tai (Shandong Province, China) is also utilized in combination. Our data at Fukue will be used for the analysis of KORUS-AQ campaign that Korea and the US (NASA etc) conducted in spring 2016.

More information

  • Special web site for data during KORUS- AQ period
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