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Global Ocean Observation Research Center (GOORC)

This is an old group site.
Center for Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Research (CCOAR) has succeeded OAC since April 2022.

Ocean-Atmosphere Climate Research Group

In the tropical Pacific and Indian oceans, the warm pool dominantly affects ocean-atmosphere interactions. The Ocean-Atmosphere Climate Research Group conducts long-term stationary observations (e.g., by a moored buoy array) in the warm pool region and promotes climate research, including studies of ocean-atmosphere interactions and ocean circulation that effectively utilize the advantages of this type of observation system.

Main Ocean Observation Program :

Ocean-atmosphere interactions and ocean circulation experiment in the tropical Pacific and Indian Oceans

Variations in ocean properties and processes and ocean-atmosphere interactions in the tropical oceans influence the variability of phenomena such as El NiƱo-Southern Oscillation and the Indian Ocean Dipole, and they also affect global meridional overturning circulations. This observation experiment will contribute to progress in ocean-atmosphere climate research.