Theme E : Promotion for climate change research and linkage coordination

To derive maximum utilization from the results of the Generation Program, we will connect them to the practical aspects of all sorts of disaster-related and preparation-related situations. The role of Theme E is to provide support for coordination, liaison, and information exchange for this purpose.

Theme E will coordinate the linkage of themes A through D and manage the research results in a database in a unified manner. Then, the results will be edited and organized so they can be put to practical use, and using an information network of all the teams and related institutions, a foundation for opportunities to utilize the research results in the real world will be created.

Outline of Role of Theme E

To fulfill the role of coordinator so as to ensure the utilization of the research results of Program
 for more accurate and precise weather prediction and disaster prevention.

To centralize the research results of all the teams in a database and to classify, organize, and provide
 technological support for efficient utilization of the data.


To spearhead liaison conferences and information exchanges among themes A through D and to contribute
 toward the mutual sharing and multilayered utilization of research results.


To conduct public relations activities so that the this Program becomes widely known, such as holding public
 symposiums and issuing newsletters.