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Application Laboratory


Res DB : JAMSTEC Researchers Database
* : additional post

Director [Principal Scientist]Swadhin K. BeheraRes DB
Deputy Director [Senior Scientist]Yasumasa MiyazawaRes DB
[Project Principal Scientist]Toshio YamagataRes DB

Climate Variability Prediction and Application Research Group (CVPARG)

Group Leader [Senior Scientist]Masami NonakaRes DB
Deputy Group Leader [Senior Scientist]Ingo RichterRes DB
[Senior Scientist]Hideharu SasakiRes DB
[Senior Research Scientist]Nobumasa KomoriRes DB
[Senior Scientist]Venkata Ratnam JayanthiRes DB
[Scientist]Takeshi DoiRes DB
[Scientist]Akira YamazakiRes DB
[Scientist]Yushi MoriokaRes DB
[Scientist]Tomomichi OgataRes DB
[Project Scientist]Pascal OettliRes DB
[Senior Engineer]Hidehiro Fujio
[JAMSTEC Young Research Fellow]Ayako Yamamoto
[Advisor]Motoyoshi Ikeda
[Visiting Principal Scientist]Hisashi NakamuraRes DB
[Visiting Principal Scientist]Yukio MasumotoRes DB
[Visiting Principal Scientist]Yoichi TanimotoRes DB
[Visiting Principal Scientist]Saji N. HameedRes DB
[Visiting Principal Scientist]Takemasa MiyoshiRes DB
[Visiting Senior Scientist]Tomoki TozukaRes DB
[Visiting Senior Scientist]Takeshi EnomotoRes DB
[Visiting Scientist]Bunmei TaguchiRes DB
[Visiting Scientist]Koutarou Takaya
[Visiting Scientist]Jun Inoue
[Visiting Scientist]Chaoxia Yuan
[Visiting Scientist]Akira Yoshida
[Visiting Scientist]Kazutoshi Sato

Environmental Variability Prediction and Application Research Group (EVPARG)

Group Leader [Senior Scientist]Yasumasa MiyazawaRes DB*
[Senior Scientist]Toru MiyamaRes DB
[Senior Scientist]Ryo FurueRes DB
[Scientist]Yuya BabaRes DB
[Scientist]Yu-Lin Chang
[Scientist]Kunihiro AokiRes DB
[Project Scientist] Miho IshizuRes DB
[Senior Research Scientist]Masayuki TakigawaRes DB*
[Postdoctoral Researcher]Tsutomu HiharaRes DB
[Researcher]Sergey M. VarlamovRes DB
[Support Part Timer]Junko Moriyama
[Visiting Principal Scientist]Xinyu GuoRes DB
[Visiting Principal Scientist]Takuji WasedaRes DB
[Visiting Scientist]Hidenori Aiki
[Visiting Scientist]Shinichiro Kida