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August 6, 2007
The Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology

Interruption of Observation Cruise of R/V "MIRAI"

The Oceanographic Research Vessel (R/V) "MIRAI", operated by the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC: Mr. Yasuhiro Kato, President) interrupted its observation cruise, since the port propeller (screw) got tangled in drifting fishing gear such as ropes. The vessel will drop into the Hachinohe Port, Aomori Prefecture, which is the closest port, and tangled fishing gear will be removed there.



Northwest Pacific Ocean (600km east off of Hokkaido, 42°40N, 152°42E)
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At 23:30, August 1, 2001(Japan Time), during the CTD observation mentioned above, the port propeller got entangled in drifting fishing ropes, and the observation was interrupted.
The next Morning, status were confirmed and a little fishing gear were found tangled the starboard propeller also. Although autonomous cruise seemed to be possible, it was assumed that the long-period observation cruise was difficult. Removal operation was decided to be done by dispatched divers by way of caution.
August 5, 2007, divers arrived at the site area but the removal operation had to be given up since waves were too high. It has been decided that the removal operation should be conducted after the vessel pull in Hachinohe Port, Aomori Prefecture.

3.Future Plan

The R/V"MIRAI"will be in Hachinohe Port around August 9. Fishing gear removal is going to be done in the port and R/V"MIRAI"is going to pull out to get back in the observation around August 10.


(For the observation cruise of R/V "MIRAI")
Mr. Tetsuo Uchida
Group Leader, Operations Group, Research Vessel Management and Operations Department
Marine Technology Center (MARITEC)
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Mr. Shinji Oshima, email;
Manager, Planning Department, Press Office