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April 1, 2009
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
Japan Chemical Analysis Center

JAMSTEC and JCAC Partnership for Analytical Research

The Japan Agency for Marine-Science and Technology (JAMSTEC: Yasuhiro Kato, President) and Japan Chemical Analysis Center(*) (JCAC: Hirofumi Satake, Chairman) have concluded today a cooperation agreement on analytical research and applications.

The agreement aims to foster mutual collaboration and cooperation of researchers on a wide variety of analytical research and applications, including stable isotope analysis, through excellent research ability and human resources unique to both institutions.


1. Title : Analytical Research Partnership between the Japan Agency for Marine- Science and Technology and Japan Chemical Analysis Center
2. Date of contract: April 1, 2009
3. Contract period: April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2010
(Prior to the expiration of the period, the term of the contract may be extended for additional one-year terms upon agreement of both parties.)
4. Scope of cooperation:  
Implementation of research, development and application of analytical science and technology through collaborative projects
Exchange and development of human resources
Exchange of information and knowledge
Shared use of facilities and equipment

JAMSTEC undertakes ocean research and development using a variety of chemical analysis techniques. Some of them are applicable to other fields of science, such as stable isotope analysis, which is used to study environmental changes on the earth in the past. Stable isotope analysis can also be useful for detecting false food labeling or environmental monitoring.

JCAC is a testing laboratory performing an array of testing services to ensure a safe and secure living environment. Their services include radioactivity analyses and measurements in environmental samples, quality management for environmental radiation testing, analyses of causative substances of sick house syndrome and testing of hot spring waters.

The collaboration under this partnership, which enables the shared use of facilities and equipment at both institutions and thereby will facilitate the fostering of skilled technicians, is expected to make high-level analytical techniques established at JAMSTEC and JCAC to be available in many aspects in society.

*Japan Chemical Analysis Center was established in 1974 as a testing laboratory specializing in radioactivity surveys for nuclear ships and environmental samples.


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Dr. Eiichi Kikawa
Manager, Research Advancement Division,
Advanced Research and Technology Promotion Department
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
Dr. Yoshihiro Ikeuchi
Director, Office of Planning and Coordination
Japan Chemical Analysis Center
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