Contract Research Projects

Earth Simulator based projects from "The Project for Sustainable Coexistence of Human, Nature and the Earth"

"The Project for Sustainable Coexistence of Human, Nature and the Earth" is a research initiative of MEXT (the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) that was conducted from fiscal 2002 to fiscal 2006. This project conducts scientific analysis to understand phenomena that have a significant societal impact, such as global warming and climatic aberration, while promoting appropriate responses to these challenges. The project utilized research resources such as the Earth Simulator to facilitate efficient research and development. In fiscal 2006, there were seven separate research projects using the Earth Simulator under research and development at the project.
The outcomes of this project through the use of the Earth Simulator greatly contributed to formulating the IPCC Working Group 1 Fourth Assessment Report.

Website for the Project for Sustainable Coexistence of Humanity, Nature and the Earth (Available in Japanese only)

Project Name
Name of Project Representative Professional Affiliation of Project Representative
Future Climate Change Projection using a High-Resolution Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Climate Model
Akimasa Sumi
Center for Climate System Research, University of Tokyo
Development of Super High Resolution Global and Regional Climate Models
Akira Noda
Meteorological Research Institute
Advanced Prediction System and Counter Measures of Regional- and Meso- scale Water Cycle
Hiromasa Ueda
Acid Deposition and Oxidant Research Center
Advanced Parameterization of Physical Processes (Atmosphere and Ocean)
Toshiyuki Hibiya
Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo
Research Development of 4-Dimensional Data Assimilation System using a Coupled Climate Model and Construction of Reanalysis Datasets for Initialization
Toshiyuki Awaji
Development of an Integrated Earth System Model for Prediction of Global Environmental Changes
Taro Matsuno
Development of Water Resources Model on Concerning Artificial and Natural Variation in Aisan Monsoon Region
Kuniyoshi Takeuchi
Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Medicine and Engineering, University of Yamanashi