The Earth Simulator (ES4) is a multi-architecture supercomputer based on AMD EPYC CPUs, combined with accelerators

2024.03.25 [Column]
A co-occurrence of a La Nina Modoki and a negative Indian Ocean Dipole Mode may bring an abnormal season
2023.12.01 [Topics]
The Earth Simulator (ES4) system was made into a 3D Model.Please use the following "Earth Simulator 3D Model (separate window)" card.
2023.11.02 [Press Releases]
Unusually low oxygen and acidified water found in a high seas fishable area of the Pacific Arctic Ocean – A priority area of marine environmental and ecosystem monitoring for potential high seas fisheries –
2023.10.18 [Press Releases]
Detecting "Fluctuations" in Ensemble Spaces Preceding Stratospheric Sudden Warmings
2023.07.29 [Press Releases]
The worldwide COVID-19 lockdown impacts on anthropogenic aerosol reductions and climate
―Realistic assessments on changes in aerosol precursor gas emissions based on satellite observations―
2023.07.19 [Press Releases]
A theoretical model of continental drift reveals that the longest timescale of sea level change in Earth's history can be explained by the flattening effect of the seafloor –Toward an understanding of the relationship between Earth's internal dynamics and surface environmental change–
2023.05.12 [Topics]
List of JAMSTEC Proposed Project in FY2023 is uploaded
2023.05.12 [Topics]
List of Authorized Project in FY2023 is uploaded
2023.05.12 [Topics]
List of JAMSTEC Strategic Projects(Challenge Usage Project) in FY2023 is uploaded
2023.05.12 [Topics]
List of MEXT-Program for the Advanced Studies of Climate Change Projection is uploaded
2022.12.27 [Press Releases]
Mechanism of a meteorological tsunami reaching the Japanese coast
caused by Lamb and Pekeris waves generated by the 2022 Tonga eruption
2022.11.22 [Press Releases]
On the predictability of the extreme drought in East Africa during the short rains season
~Key roles of the negative Indian Ocean Dipole~
2022.10.20 [Topics]
Annual Report of the Earth Simulator, April 2021 - March 2022" page is open
2022.10.05 [Press Releases]
Successful detailed simulation and visualization of atmospheric gravity waves during stratospheric sudden warming ―What does the long journey of mysterious atmospheric gravity waves mean?―
2022.09.12 [Press Releases]
Improved prediction of decadal sea ice variability in the west Antarctic Seas ―Key roles of ocean and sea ice observation data―
2022.09.12 [Press Releases]
Discovery of the “Pekeris Wave” — Special Atmospheric Wave Caused by the 2022 Hunga Tonga–Hunga Ha’apai Volcanic Eruption
2022.07.15 [Press Releases]
Newly identified mechanism may explain Arctic sea-ice decline — Remote effects of Gulf Stream warming —
2022.07.02 [Press Releases]
Global changes in the ocean carbon and oxygen cycles caused by anthropogenic nutrient inputs to the ocean
2022.04.11 [Topics]
List of Proposed Research Projects in FY2022 is uploaded
2022.04.11 [Topics]
List of JAMSTEC Proposed Project in FY2022 is uploaded

Earth Simulator 3D Model
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Earth Simulator Projects
List of Earth Simulator Projects.
JAMSTEC Research Projects   New

JAMSTEC Proposed Projects are research projects directly related to JAMSTEC's mid- and long-term plans, and are open to JAMSTEC researchers.

Proposed Research Projects   New

Proposed Research Projects are research projects to promote research in marine-earth science and related fields in Japan by widely providing opportunities to use the Earth Simulator.

Challenge Usage Project   New

Challenge Usage Projects are research projects involving new research, training of young researchers, migration from other computer systems in JAMSTEC, large-scale calculations, short-term intensive calculations and urgent calculations.

Industrial Application Projects   

Industrial Application Projects are fee-based usage for industrial use.

Previous Research Projects

The following is a list of research projects conducted on the Earth Simulator(ES1,ES2,ES3)

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System Overview
The Earth Simulator (ES4) is a multi-architecture supercomputer based on AMD EPYC CPUs, combined with accelerators (NEC SX-Aurora TSUBASA and NVIDIA GPU A100).

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Features of the Earth Simulator Building
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Previous Earth Simulator
Overview and Operational results of the Past system.

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