The Program for Creating Innovation by Sharing Advanced Research Facilities: The Strategic Industrial Use "Program for Strategic Industrial Use of Earth Simulator"


Project Name Name of Project Representative Professional Affiliation of Project Representative
Large Scale Simulation of Multi-Phase Flows in Real Blast Furnace for Minimizing of CO2 Discharge Shinroku Matsuzaki Nippon Steel Corporation
Research for Aerodynamic Noise Reduction of a Centrifugal Compressor Haruo Miura Hitachi Plant Technologies,Ltd.
Development of Low-noise Pantograph for Future Shinkansen by Numerical Simulation Takeshi Kurita Research and Development Center of JR East Group,East Japan Railway Company
A study on unsteady vortical structures and substantial drag reduction Keiji Sumitani Toyota Motor Corporation
Functional Nano-Particles Simulation Takashi Yoshida Toshiba Corporation
Development of Ecological High-Performance Tire by Modeling of Nano-Particle Network Structure in Rubber Yasuhisa Minagawa Sumitomo Rubber Industries
Simulation for SiC power electronic device developments Toshiharu Ohnuma Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industrys,Ltd
Development of high-efficiency organic light-emitting materials Yasunari Zempo Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd.,Tsukuba Research Laboratory
Development of High-Speed and Highly Accurate Numerical Analysis Technology of Rotational Machine by 3-D Finite Element Method Masanori Nakamura TOYO DENKI SEIZO K.K.
Numerical simulation of large-scale geologic CO2 storage and its impact on regional groundwater systems Hajime Yamamoto TAISEI CORPORATION
An application of the fragment molecular orbital method to molecular simulation in the drug discovery research: focus on the fragment based drug design Kosuke Okazaki Kissei Pharmaceutical co.,Ltd.
Development of design simulation technology for nucleic acid aptamer with nuclease-resistant amidite analogues. Iwao Waga NEC Soft,Ltd.