Understanding the Earth and life through the lens of chemistry

Nature is complex, and composed of diverse components. This habitable planet cannot be described without deep understanding of the processes catalyzed by living organisms and the world with which they interact.

In our daily lives, we intuitively understand nature by categorizing it based on the visible landscape, such as the Earth, the sea, living creatures, soil, man-made objects etc. However, when approached from the perspective of material science, it becomes easier to understand what is really occurring at the interface between these divides. The dynamics of atoms and molecules, as the building blocks of this world, are influenced by the activities of living organisms, an insight into which is critical to understanding the environment.

At the Biogeochemistry Research Center (BGC), we design, develop, and apply various chemical tools to understand living organisms and the environment in which they live. We conduct our research with an awareness that the knowledge we produce is not limited to the research community, but is also useful to the human society.