Operation Status

Earth Simulator is in operation consisting of 320 nodes from October 15th 2008 due to replacement of the Earth Simulator.
The percentage of unavailable node hour in this fiscal year, which excludes scheduled maintenance, is 1.46%.

  • If one processor of the Processor Node (PN) is in failure, the PN will be excluded from operation.
  • If a job is aborted because of PN failure, the job will be restarted using another node automatically.
  • The disk system employs RAID5 configuration. Most of the disk failures have no influence on user program execution.
  • The data is saved on cartridge tape library doubly. Most of the failure of tape drives and cartridge tapes have no influence on user program execution.

Number of components

Processor Nodes and Interconnection Network

  • Processor Node (PN) : 640 nodes
     -Total number of arithmetic processors: 5120 = (8/node) * 640 nodes
     -Total number of memory controllers: 20,480 = (32/node) * 640 nodes
     -Total number of memory chips: 983,040 = (1,536/node) * 640 nodes
  • Interconnection Network (IN) : 130 units

Hard disks

  • User disks (about 230 TB)
    3,520 HDDs, 44 disk control units
  • Work disks (about 450 TB)
    3,200 HDDs, 16 disk control units


  • 4 FSPs
  • 1,992 HDDs *
  • 88 disk control units

Tape devices (Cartridge tape library included in MDPS subsystem) **

  • 92 tape drives
  • about 33,000 cartridge tapes

Login server, etc.

  • 2 login servers
  • 2 remote servers
  • various other servers, network devices