JAMSTEC Research Projects

JAMSTEC Research Projects

List of JAMSTEC Proposed Project in FY2021

<Ocean & Atmosphere>
Project Name
Name of Project Representative
Professional Affiliation of Project Representative
High-resolution Sea Ice-ocean Modeling on the Arctic Environmental Change Eiji Watanabe IACE, RIGC, JAMSTEC
Global Ocean State Estimation by Using 4D-VAR Ocean Data Assimilation System Satoshi Osafune GOORC, RIGC, JAMSTEC
High-performance Computing of Ocean Models for Japan Coastal Ocean Predictability Experiment Yasumasa Miyazawa APL, VAiG, JAMSTEC
Seasonal to Decadal Prediction and Its Application Swadhin Behera APL, VAiG, JAMSTEC
Study on Mechanisms and Predictability of Convective Disturbances by High-resolution Global Nonhydrostatic Simulations Tomoe Nasuno CEMA, RIGC, JAMSTEC
Development Research of a High-quality Climate Model for Long-term Climate Change Projection Study Michio Kawamiya CEMA, RIGC, JAMSTEC
Understanding the Arctic Climate Change and Its Global Impact for Climate Change Projection Yoshiki Komuro IACE, RIGC, JAMSTEC
Understanding Roles of Oceanic Fine Structures in Climate and Its Variability Masami Nonaka APL, VAiG, JAMSTEC
Observing System Research Using Ensemble-based Data Assimilation Methods Akira Yamazaki APL, VAiG, JAMSTEC
Numerical Study on Multiphase Turbulent Transport Processes in Atmospheric and Ocean Flows Keigo Matsuda CEIST, VAiG, JAMSTEC
Multi-Scale Environmental Simulations for Sustainable and Safe Living Keigo Matsuda CEIST, VAiG, JAMSTEC
Sub-seasonal to Seasonal Prediction of the Middle Atmosphere Shingo Watanabe CEMA, RIGC, JAMSTEC
Ensemble Ocean Data and Downscaling for Policy Decision Making for Near-Future Climate Change Hiromichi Igarashi IEP, VAiG, JAMSTEC
Environmental Geochemical Cycle Modelling Research Takashi Sekiya ESS, RIGC, JAMSTEC
Mathematical Theory of Synchronization Phenomena in Marine-Earth Science Yoji Kawamura MAT, VAiG, JAMSTEC

<Solid Earth & Space>
Project Name
Name of Project Representative
Professional Affiliation of Project Representative
Convection in Various Prandtl Numbers and Its Application to Solid Earth Science Takehiro Miyagoshi MAT, VAiG, JAMSTEC
Development of Advanced Particle Simulation Code Mikito Furuichi MAT, VAiG, JAMSTEC
Global Seismic Wave Propagation Simulation Seiji Tsuboi CEIST, VAiG, JAMSTEC
Integrated Research for Fault Slip Estimation, Prediction of Spatio-Temporal Evolution of Fault Slip and Earthquake/Tsunami Damage Estimation Considering Heterogeneous Material Property and Uncertainty Takane Hori FEAT, IMG, JAMSTEC
High Power Laser Aided Rock Melting Process Optimization Using Particle Method Simulation Yousuke Kawahito ASTER, X-star、JAMSTEC
Hybridized PIC-Vlasov Simulation toward Ion Acceleration Takashi Minoshima MAT, VAiG, JAMSTEC
Application of 3D Convolutional Neural Network with Theoretical Seismograms for Locating Earthquakes Daisuke Sugiyama IEP, VAiG, JAMSTEC
Dynamic Fracture Analysis in Residual Stress Field Sayako Hirobe MAT, VAiG, JAMSTEC
Development and Application of General Purpose Parallel Finite Element Method for Seismic Structural Analysis Muneo Hori VAiG, JAMSTEC

<Computing Science>
Project Name
Name of Project Representative
Professional Affiliation of Project Representative
Development of Deep Learning based Image Recognition for Marine and Earth Sciences Daisuke Matsuoka IEP, VAiG, JAMSTEC

Project Name
Name of Project Representative
Professional Affiliation of Project Representative
Making of Scenarios for Sustainable City Toru Sugiyama IEP, VAiG, JAMSTEC
JAMSTEC : Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
VAiG : Research Institute for Value-Added-Information Generation
 -APL : Application Laboratory
 -CEIST : Center for Earth Information Science and Technology
 -IEP : Information Engineering Program
 -MAT : Center for Mathematical Science and Advanced Technology
RIGC : Research Institute for Global Change
 -CEMA : Research Center for Environmental Modeling and Application
 -ESS : Earth Surface System Research Center
 -GOORC : Global Ocean Observation Research Center
 -IACE : Institute of Arctic Climate and Environment Research
IMG : Research Institute for Marine Geodynamics
 -FEAT : Research and Development Center for Earthquake and   Tsunami Forecasting
X-star : Institute for Extra-cutting-edge Science and Technology Avant-garde Research
 -ASTER : Advanced Science-Technology Research Program