Earth Simulator Proposed Research Projects

Earth Simulator Proposed Research Projects

Authorized Project List in FY2002

<Ocean & Atmosphere>
Project Name
Name of Project Representative
Professional Affiliation of Project Representative
Development of a nonhydrostatic icosahedral high-resolution atmospheric general circulation modelMasaki SatoJAMSTEC, FRSGC
Atmospheric Composition Change and Its Climate Impact Studied by global and Regional Chemical Transport ModelsHajime AkimotoJAMSTEC,FRSGC
Investigation of Asian Summer Monsoon System using a Cloud Resolving Regional Climate ModelTakao YoshikaneJAMSTEC,FRSGC
Refinement of Numerical Model and Technology of Global and Regional Water CycleHiromasa UedaDisaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University
Eddy-resolving simulation of world ocean circulation using the PFES Toward the sophisticated J-COPE projectTakashi KagimotoJAMSTEC,FRSGC
Research on development of global climate model with remarkably high resolution and climate model with cloud resolutionMatsuo TakayoJapanese Meteorological Research Institute
Research on the Global Warming Prediction by using a higher resolution of atmosphere-ocean coupled modelSumi AkimasaCenter for Climate System Research, University of Tokyo
Development of Highly Parallel Ocean General Circulation Model using Cubic Grid SystemYukio TanakaJAMSTEC,FRSGC
Development of Integrated Earth System Model for Global Change PredictionTaro MatsunoJAMSTEC,FRSGC
Eddy-resolving simulation of the World Ocean Circulation by using MOM3-based OGCM code optimized for the Earth SimulatorHideharu SasakiJAMSTEC, Earth Simulator Center
Development of high-resolution atmosphere-ocean coupled model and global warming projectionsKouki MaruyamaCentral Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
Super-high-resolution climate simulations with an atmospheric general circulation modelWataru OfuchiJAMSTEC, Earth Simulator Center
Research Development of 4-dimensional data assimilation system using a coupled climate model and construction of reanalysis datasets for initializationToshiyuki AwajiJAMSTEC,FRSGC
Development of coupled ocean-atmosphere-Sea Ice model with optimized computational performance on the Earth Simulator.Keiko TakahashiJAMSTEC, Earth Simulator Center
Parameterization of turbulent diffusivity in the deep oceanToshiyuki HibiyaGraduate School of Science, University of Tokyo
IARC-FRSGC Ice-Ocean and Bio-Geochemical Modeling *Jia WangJAMSTEC
Process Studies and Seasonal Prediction Experiment Using Coupled General Circulation Model *Toshio YamagataFRSGC

<Solid Earth>
Project Name
Name of Project Representative
Professional Affiliation of Project Representative
Simulation study on the generation and the distortion process of the Earth's magnetic field in earth-like conditionsYozo HamanoJAMSTEC, IFREE, Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo
Development of Solid Earth Simulation PlatformHiroshi OkudaGraduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo
Predictive Simulation for Crustal Activity in and around JapanMitsuhiro MatsuuraGraduate School of Science, University of Tokyo
Numerical simulation of seismic wave propagation and strong ground motions in 3-D heterogeneous mediaTakashi FurumuraEarthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo
Global elastic response simulationSeiji TsuboiJAMSTEC,IFREE
Fluid-dynamical Modeling of Mantle DynamicsYoshio FukaoJAMSTEC,IFREE
Numerical simulation of the mantle convection and physical properties of the Earth's interiorTomoyuki NakakukiGraduate School of Science, Hiroshima University
Simulation of Earthquake Generation Process in a Complex System of FaultsKazuro HiraharaGraduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University

<Computer Science>
Project Name
Name of Project Representative
Professional Affiliation of Project Representative
Numerical Simulation of Rocket Engine Internal FlowsHiroshi MiyajimaNASDA
Development of a visualization scheme for large-scale data on the Earth SimulatorYoshio SuzukiJAERI
Performance Evaluation of Large-scale Parallel Simulation Codes and Designing New Language Features on the HPF(High Performance Fortran) Data-Parallel Programming EnvironmentYasuo OkabeAcademic Center for Computing and Media Studies, Kyoto University
Designing and implementation of parallel numerical computing library for multi-node environment of the earth simulator *Kenichi ItakuraJAMSTEC, Earth Simulator Center

<Epoch-making Simulation>
Project Name
Name of Project Representative
Professional Affiliation of Project Representative
Large-Scale Simulations on Thermal-Hydraulics of Multi-Phase Flows in Nuclear Reactors by a Direct Numerical Analysis MethodKazuyuki TakaseJAERI
Large-scale simulation on the properties of carbon-nanotubeKazuo MinamiRIST
All-electron Calculation on Very Large-Sized Proteins by Density Functional Method *Fumitoshi SatoInstitute of Industrial Science, Univ, of Tokyo
Large-scale parallel fluid simulations for spallation type mercury target adopted in the project of high-intensity proton accelerator. *Chuichi ArakawaCCSE(Center for Promotion of Computational Science and Engineering), JAERI
Development of the next-generation computational solid mechanics simulator for a virtual demonstration test *Ryuji ShioyaGraduate School of Engineering, Kyushu Univ.
Study of the Standard Model of Elementary Particles on the Lattice with the Earth Simulator *Akira UkawaCenter for Computational Physics, Univ. of Tsukuba
Large-scale simulation for a Tera Hz resonance superconductors device *Masashi TachikiNational Institute for Material Science
Geospace Environment Simulator *Yoshiharu OmuraKyoto University
Direct Numerical Simulations of Fundamental Turbulent Flows with the Largest Grid Numbers in the World and its Application of Modelling for Engineering Turbulent Flows *Chuichi ArakawaCCSE(Center for Promotion of Computational Science and Engineering), JAERI
First principle molecular dynamics simulation of solution *Masaru HirataJAERI
Research on structure formation of plasmas dominated by multi-scale dynamics *Yasuaki KishimotoJAERI

* Additonally adopted

JAMSTEC : Japan Marine Science & Technology Center
FRSGC : Frontier Research System for Global Change
IFREE : Institute for Frontier Research on Earth Evolution
JAERI : Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute
CCSE : Center for Promotion of Computation Science and Engineering
ESC : The Earth Simulator Center