Earth Simulator Proposed Research Projects

Earth Simulator Proposed Research Projects

Authorized Project List in FY2005

<Ocean & Atmosphere>
Project Name
Name of Project Representative
Professional Affiliation of Project Representative
Future Climate Change Projection using a High-Resolution Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Climate ModelAkimasa SumiCenter for Climate System Research, University of Tokyo
Development of Integrated Earth System Model for Global Change PredictionTaro MatsunoFRCGC, JAMSTEC
Advanced parameterization of physical processesToshiyuki HibiyaGraduate School of Science, University of Tokyo
Development of Super High Resolution Global and Regional Climate ModelsAkira NodaMeteorological Research Institute
Research Development of 4-dimensional data assimilation system using a coupled climate model and construction of reanalysis datasets for initializationToshiyuki AwajiFRCGC, JAMSTEC
Sustainable Coexistence of Human Nature and the Earth Advanced Prediction System and Counter Measures of Regional- and Meso- scale Water CycleHiromasa UedaAcid Deposition and Oxidant Research Center
Atmospheric Composition Change and its Climate Effect Studied by Chemical Transport ModelsHajime AkimotoFRCGC, JAMSTEC
Understanding and forecasting high-impact phenomena in the atmosphere and ocean AFES, CFES, OFESWataru OfuchiESC,JAMSTEC
Multi-scale weather/climate simulations with coupled non-hydrostatic ocean -atmosphere GCM on the Earth SimulatorKeiko TakahashiESC,JAMSTEC
Study on the mechanism of climate and ocean variability and their predictabilityToshio YamagataFRCGC, JAMSTEC
Development of a numerical model of urban heat islandYasunobu AshieBuilding Research Institute
Development of a coupled atmosphere-ocean-land general circulation model (GCM) at the Frontier Research Center for Global ChangeTatsushi TokiokaFRCGC, JAMSTEC

<Solid Earth>
Project Name
Name of Project Representative
Professional Affiliation of Project Representative
Global elastic response simulationSeiji TsuboiIFREE, JAMSTEC
Simulation study on the generation and distortion process of the geomagnetic field in Earth-like conditionsYozo HamanoIFREE, JAMSTEC
Numerical simulation of the mantle convectionYoshio FukaoIFREE,JAMSTEC
Predictive Simulation for Crustal Activity in and around JapanMitsuhiro MatsuuraGraduate School of Science,The University of Tokyo
Numerical simulation of seismic wave propagation and strong ground motions in 3-D heterogeneous mediaTakashi FurumuraEarthquake Research Institute ,The University of Tokyo
Simulation of Earthquake Generation Process in a Complex System of FaultsKazuro HiraharaGraduate School of Science, Kyoto University
Development of Solid Earth Simulation PlatformKengo NakajimaGraduate School of Science, University of Tokyo
Dynamics of Core-Mantle Coupled SystemAkira KageyamaESC,JAMSTEC
Numerical simulation of physical properties of earth's materialsMitsuhiro ToriumiGraduate School of Frontier Science,The University of Tokyo

<Computer Science>
Project Name
Name of Project Representative
Professional Affiliation of Project Representative
Development of Micro-Macro Interaction Simulation AlgorithmKanya Kusano *ESC,JAMSTEC
* The above information was updated on November 18th, 2005.

<Epoch-making Simulation>
Project Name
Name of Project Representative
Professional Affiliation of Project Representative
Numerical Simulation of Rocket Engine Internal FlowsKozo Fujii **Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Large-scale simulation on the properties of carbon-nanotubeKazuo MinamiResearch Organization for Information Science & Technology
Development of the next-generation computational solid mechanics simulator for a virtual demonstration testRyuji ShioyaGraduate School of Engineering, Kyushu University
Study of the Standard Model of Elementary Particles on the Lattice with the Earth SimulatorAkira UkawaCenter for Computational Sciences, University of Tsukuba
Large-scale simulation for a terahertz resonance superconductors deviceMasashi TachikiResearch Organization for Information Science & Technology
Geospace Environment Simulator - Evaluation of the plasma environment around a spacecraft using electric propulsion -Yoshiharu OmuraResearch Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere, Kyoto University
Particle modeling for complex multi-phase system with internal structures using DEMHide SakaguchiIFREE, JAMSTEC
Development of Transferable Materials Information and Knowledge Base for Computational Materials ScienceShuhei OhnishiCAMP (Collaborative Activities for Materials Science Programs) Group
Cosmic Structure Formation and DynamicsRyoji MatsumotoFaculty of Science, Chiba University
Direct Numerical Simulations of Fundamental Turbulent Flows with the Largest Grid Numbers in the World and its Application of Modelling for Engineering Turbulent FlowsChuichi ArakawaInterfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, The University of Tokyo
Bio-simulationToshikazu TakadaForum on the Bio-Simulation
Study on Numerical Predictions of Complicated Thermal-Hydraulic Dynamics in Nuclear Reactors by Large-Scale SimulationsKazuyuki TakaseJAERI
First Principles Molecular Dynamics Simulation of SolutionMasaru HirataJAERI
Numerical Studies for Novel Superconducting properties and Neutron Detector Applications by Superconductor Nano-fabrication TechniquesMasahiko MachidaCCSE(Center for Promotion of Computation Science and Engineering), JAERI
Electronic and atomistic simulations on the irradiation induced property changes and fracture in materialsHideo KaburakiCCSE(Center for Promotion of Computation Science and Engineering), JAERI
Large-Scale Simulation of Groundwater Flow and Radioactive Nuclide TransportationHiroshi OkudaResearch into Artifacts, Center for Engineering, The University of Tokyo
First-principles molecular dynamics simulation of oxide layers for radiation- tolerant SiC devicesAtumi MiyashitaJAERI
Direct numerical simulation of turbulent flows in subchannels of a tight lattice bundleHisashi NinokataGraduate School of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Large-scale Softmaterial Simulation on Drug Delivery SystemAtsushi MiyauchiResearch Organization for Information Science & Technology
Nano-simulation of electrode reaction in fuel cellsTamio IkeshojiResearch Institute for Computational Sciences, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Synergetic simulation study on cross-hierarchy complex physics in high-temperature plasmasTakaya HayashiTheory and Data Analysis Division, National Institute for Fusion Science
Frontier Simulation Software for Industrial ScienceChisachi KatoInstitute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo
** The above information was updated on October 12th, 2005.

JAMSTEC : Japan Marine Science & Technology Center
FRCGC : Frontier Research Cemter for Global Change
IFREE : Institute for Frontier Research on Earth Evolution
JAERI : Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute
CCSE : Center for Promotion of Computation Science and Engineering
ESC : The Earth Simulator Center