Earth Simulator Proposed Research Projects

Earth Simulator Proposed Research Projects

Authorized Project List in FY2006

<Earth Science>
Project Name
Name of Project Representative
Professional Affiliation of Project Representative
Understanding and forecasting high-impact phenomena in the atmosphere and ocean Wataru Ofuchi ESC, JAMSTEC
Multi-scale weather/climate simulations with coupled non-hydrostatic ocean-atmosphere GCM on the Earth Simulator Keiko Takahashi ESC, JAMSTEC
Study on the mechanism of climate and ocean variability and their predictability Toshio Yamagata FRCGC, JAMSTEC
Development of a high-resolution coupled atmosphere-ocean-land general circulation model for climate system studies Tatsushi Tokioka FRCGC, JAMSTEC
Northern North Atlantic deep water formation studied by an eddy-resolving coupled sea ice-ocean circulation model Hiroyasu Hasumi Center for Climate System Research, University of Tokyo
Simulations of atmospheric general circulations of Earth-like planets by AFES Yoshiyuki Hayashi Graduate School of Sience Hokkaido University
Study on the diagnostics and projection of ecosystem change associated with global change Eitaro Wada FRCGC, JAMSTEC
Development of a numerical model of urban heat island Yasunobu Ashie Building Research Institute
Global elastic response simulation Seiji Tsuboi IFREE, JAMSTEC
Simulation study on the generation and distortion process of the geomagnetic field in Earth-like conditions Yozo Hamano IFREE, JAMSTEC
Numerical simulation of the mantle convection Yoshio Fukao IFREE, JAMSTEC
Predictive Simulation for Crustal Activity in and around Japan Mitsuhiro Matsuura Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo
Numerical simulation of seismic wave propagation and strong ground motions in 3-D heterogeneous media Takashi Furumura Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo
Simulation of Earthquake Generation Process in a Complex System of Faults Kazuro Hirahara Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University
Development of Advanced Simulation Tools for Solid Earth Sciences Akira Kageyama ESC, JAMSTEC
Numerical simulation of physical properties of earth's materials Mitsuhiro Toriumi Graduate School of Frontier Science , University of Tokyo
Numerical simulations of the dynamics of volcanic phenomena Takehiro Koyaguchi Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo

<Computer Science>
Project Name
Name of Project Representative
Professional Affiliation of Project Representative
Development of Multi-Scale Interlocked Simulation Algorithm Kanya Kusano ESC, JAMSTEC
Development of General Purpose Numerical Software Infrastructure for Large Scale Scientific Computing Akira Nishida Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo

<Epoch-making Simulation>
Project Name
Name of Project Representative
Professional Affiliation of Project Representative
Numerical Simulation of Rocket Engine Internal Flows Nobuyuki Tsuboi Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Large-scale simulation on the properties of carbon-nanotube Kazuo Minami Research Organization for Information Science & Technology
Development of the next-generation computational solid mechanics simulator for a virtual demonstration test Ryuji Shioya Graduate School of Engineering, Kyushu University
Large-scale simulation for a terahertz resonance superconductors device Masashi Tachiki Research Organization for Information Science & Technology
Geo space Environment Simulator - Evaluation of Spacecraft Environment Yoshiharu Omura Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere, Kyoto, University
Particle modeling for complex multi-phase system with internal structures using DEM Hide Sakaguchi IFREE, JAMSTEC
Cosmic Structure Formation and Dynamics Ryoji Matsumoto Faculty of Science, Chiba University
Direct Numerical Simulations of Fundamental Turbulent Flows with the Largest Grid Numbers in the World and its Application of Modelling for Engineering Turbulent Flows Chuich Arakawa Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, The University of Tokyo
Large-scale Softmaterial Simulation on Drug Delivery System Atsushi Miyauchi Research Organization for Information Science & Technology
Nano-simulation of electrode reaction in fuel cells Tamio Ikeshoji National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Synergetic simulation study on cross-hierarchy complicated physics in high-temperature plasmas Tomohiko Watanabe Theory and Data Analysis Division, National Institute for Fusion Science
Revolutionary Simulation Software for the 21st Century Chisachi Kato Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo
Study on Numerical Predictions of Complex Thermal-Hydraulic Dynamics in Nuclear Reactors by Large-Scale Simulations Kazuyuki Takase Japan Atomic Energy Agency
Numerical Studies for Novel Superconducting properties and Neutron Detector Applications by Superconductor Nano-fabrication Techniques Masahiko Machida Japan Atomic Energy Agency
Electronic and atomistic simulations on the irradiation induced property changes and fracture in materials Hideo Kaburaki Japan Atomic Energy Agency
First-principles molecular dynamics simulation of oxide layers for radiation-tolerant SiC devices Atsumi Miyashita Japan Atomic Energy Agency
A large-scale post-genome analysis using Self-Organizing Map for all genome and protein sequences Toshimichi Ikemura Nagahama Institute of Bio-Science and Technology
Protein Folding Simulations from the First Principles Yuko Okamoto Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University
Analysis of the function of a large-scale supra-biomolecule system by molecular dynamics simulation Atsushi Matsumoto Japan Atomic Energy Agency
Simulation of damage of wide coastal area due to the huge Tsunami Shigeo Takahashi Port and Airport Research Institute

JAMSTEC : Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
RIGC : Research Institute for Global Change
IFREE : Institute for Research on Earth Evolution
ESC: The Earth Simulator Center