JAMSTEC Earth Simulator Resource Allocation

FY2022 Earth Simulator Resource Allocation

 There are three major project categories in the Earth Simulator resource allocation.

1. JAMSTEC Proposed Projects
Projects mainly relate to JAMSTEC’s Medium- to Long-term Plans, led by JAMSTEC researchers.

2. Proposed Research Projects
In this category, there are the public applications focus of ocean science, earth science, and related objects for the outside of JAMSTEC.

3. JAMSTEC Strategic Projects
In the New Earth Simulator (ES4), we have introduced “the JAMSTEC Strategic Projects” as a category to promote challenging use and the addition of computational resources through competition, etc. “The JAMSTEC Strategic Projects” consist of the following three projects.

(1) Challenging Use Projects
These are research projects involving new research, training of young researchers, migration from other computer systems, large-scale calculations, short-term intensive calculations and urgent calculations. Research subjects that do not directly relate to JAMSTEC’s Medium- to Long-term Plans are also accepted.

(2) Contract Research Projects
These are specified projects using the Earth Simulator focus on research commissioned by public organizations such as the government (e.g. Integrated Research Program for Advancing Climate Models(TOUGOU), HPCI(High Performance Computing Infrastructure) and etc.) and fee-based usage for industrial use.

(3) Additional Resources for Ongoing Projects
The initial allocation of computational resources is 20% for JAMSTEC Research Projects and 10% for Proposed Research Projects. After an examination based on the expected results, these projects that are expected to produce satisfactory results are allocated additional computing resources.

Figure:FY2022 Earth Simulator Resource Allocation