Core samples from the Nankai Trough mega-earthquake zone have arrived at KCC! (2019/9/4)

Samples from IODP Expedition 358 by the D/V Chikyu have been delivered. These includes samples from the deepest hole of the scientific ocean drilling, cuttings (*1) from 3262 m below sea floor (1939 m water depth), and core samples from 2836 to 2848 mbsf. The samples will be distributed to scientists all over the world to provide new insights into seismogenesis in the Nankai subduction zone.

IODP: The International Ocean Discovery Program
D/V Chikyu: The deep sea drilling vessel Chikyu

*1 Cuttings : Cuttings are the rock (the “formation”) that are left as the drill bit cuts to make a borehole.

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