Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) is happy to start to provide nutrient CRM's with the SCOR-JAMSTEC logo, with a new cost structure making them more accessible for the global science and research community collaborating with the SCOR WG#147 "Towards comparability of global oceanic nutrient data ( COMPONUT ) ".

The SCOR-JAMSTEC CRMs are primarily intended to support the community of open ocean research aiming for improving the knowledge of trends and variability of nutrient fields. The SCOR International Working Group #147, and JAMSTEC, request that users of the SCOR-JAMSTEC CRMs submit their final nutrient data to an internationally recognized, public available, data repository. It is important that the associated metadata should include a description of how the SCOR-JAMSTEC CRM's were used.