The SCOR-JAMSTC CRM program will terminate accepting orders on December 31, 2021 (JST) and will not be available for sale after that date. Payment is due strictly on March 31, 2022 (JST).
If you wish to purchase CRM after January 2022, please use other available services.

Available Lots

All lots of SCOR-JAMSTEC CRMs are available as shown below.


No. Name lot Resource seawater Bottling Certification Data PDF
1 Low in Atlantic CE NIOZ 29th Oct. 2015 17th Nov. 2016 CE
2 Middle in Atlantic CI PML 27th Dec. 2017 27th Jul. 2018 CI
3 Middle in Pacific CG JAMSTEC/Yaizu 21th Apr. 2016 24th May 2017 CG
4 High in Pacific CF JAMSTEC 15th Dec. 2015 17th Nov. 2016 CF
5 High in Atlantic CH PML 19th Jan. 2018 27th Jul. 2018 CH