Available Lots

All lots of SCOR-JAMSTEC CRMs are available as shown below.


No. Name lot Resource seawater Bottling Certification Data PDF
1 Low in Atlantic CE NIOZ 29th Oct. 2015 17th Nov. 2016 CE
2* Middle in Atlantic CI PML 27th Dec. 2017 27th Jul. 2018 CI
3 Middle in Pacific CG JAMSTEC/Yaizu 21th Apr. 2016 24th May 2017 CG
4 High in Pacific CF JAMSTEC 15th Dec. 2015 17th Nov. 2016 CF
5* High in Atlantic CH PML 19th Jan. 2018 27th Jul. 2018 CH

* The property value of silicate is entered as a reference value because it is the measured result of KANSO CO.,LTD only.