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Super-cutting-edge Grand and Advanced Research (SUGAR) Program



Proposing the Earth-Life interactive system gUltraH3 Linkage Hypothesish that supported the oldest ecosystem on Earth

We proposed the existence of "Ultramafics-Hydrothermalism-Hydrogenesis-HyperSLiME (UltraH3) linkage", assuming that the life was born in deep-sea hydrothermal fields and this linkage has spread to play the role of the very first and the sustainable ecosystem in deep-sea. We estimated that the HyperSliME has been existing only at the seabed hydrothermal fields until today where peridotite is exposed and Earth in its primitive condition is still represented. Furthermore, we brought forward a new theory for the first time that in Hadean eon (approximately four billion years ago from today), HyperSLiME seems to have generally existed in komatiite.

Takai, K., Nakamura, K., Suzuki, K., Inagaki, F., Nealson, K. H., & Kumagai, H. (2006) Ultramafics-Hydrothermalism-Hydrogenesis-HyperSLiME (UltraH3) linkage: a key insight into early microbial ecosystem in the Archean deep-sea hydrothermal systems. Paleontological Res. 10:269-282.

Models of ocean, Earth's crust, and mantle structure with deep-sea hydrothermalism interactions of four billion years ago and today.

Images of deep-sea hydrothermalism supported by komatiite, four billion years ago.