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Super-cutting-edge Grand and Advanced Research (SUGAR) Program



Challenging an armored monster eScaly-Footf gastropod

Since its discovery in 2001, escaly-footf gastropod has been popular among varieties of deep-sea creatures. It is actually the only living organism with scales made of iron sulfide. One of the reasons we are so attracted to escaly-footf gastropod is probably due to its rarity. Although there are numerous deep-sea hydrothermal fields in the world, escaly-footf gastropod is found only in one specific chimney in the Kairei Field in the Indian Ocean. SUGAR project team discovered escaly-footf gastropod under a large quantity of Rimicaris shrimp or Alviniconcha during the expedition in the Indian Ocean in 2009. This is how we got this opportunity to analyze why escaly-footf gastropod is so popular in the deep-sea. Thus, we decided to do further researches on escaly-footf gastropod with the teamwork of SUGAR project and Precambrian Ecosystem Laboratory.

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