YMC-BSM 2021

Special radiosonde observations, which consist of several types of radiosonde including cloud particle sensor (CPS) sonde, high altitude radiosonde, and ozone & water vapor sonde, were originally planned to take place in the Philippines as one component of the YMC-BSM 2020 campaign. However, we canceled them due to COVID-19 pandemic. This situation continued through 2021. Thus, we decided to conduct those observations onboard the R/V Mirai MR21-03 cruise, which was designed to conduct another project entitled Tropical Ocean Climate Study (TOCS). Therefore, although the osbervation area does not contain the Maritime Continent region, we recognized these special radiosonde observations as a part of the YMC campaigns and named it as YMC-BSM 2021.
May 26 - July 6, 2021

R/V Mirai MR21-03 Crusie Track with Special sonde sites

   R/V Mirai
C-Pol Doppler Radar, Lidar, Ceilometer, Radiosonde, GNSS-derived Water Vapor, Surface Meteorology, Sea Surface Monitoring (TSG), CPS sonde, High Alitude Radiosonde, and Ozone & Water Vapor sonde

Some reports during the cruise are available in the blog.