The goal of the "Years of the Maritime Continent (YMC)" is to expedite the progress of improving understanding and prediction of local multi-scale variability of the MC weather-climate system and its global impact through observations and modeling exercises.

Campaign Period

Phase-1: July 2017 - February 2020
Phase-2: March 2020 -

Five Science Themes

1) Atmospheric Convection
2) Upper-Ocean Processes and Air-Sea Interaction
3) Stratosphere-Troposphere Interaction
4) Aerosol
5) Prediction Improvement

 For more details, please refer;

Executive Summary [pdf]
Science Plan (ver.2) [pdf]

Five Main Activities

1) Data Sharing

We will build a 2-year comprehensive database through collecting, archiving, and sharing data from observing networks in the MC region, satellites and NWP products.
2) Field Campaign
We will collect special observations through a 2-year field campaign.
3) Modeling
We will quantify biases/errors of numerical models and potential for improvement of prediction and simulation skills through coordinated numerical experiments.
4) Prediction and Application
We will demonstrate potential prediction improvement. We will also study optimizations of targeted prediction products for users, information disassembling through modern media, and support to emergence management.
5) Outreaching and Capacity Building
We will inform the general public of the knowledge of MC weather-climate system on its local and global impact. We will also train the next generation of scientists, forecasters, and technicians.

Science Steering Committee


Chidong Zhang (NOAA/PMEL)
Kunio Yoneyama (JAMSTEC)
Edvin Aldrian (BPPT, Indonesia)
Olivia Cabrera (University of the Philippines)
Andreas Fink (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
Hans Huang (Meteorological Service Singapore)
Adiran Matthews (University of East Anglia)
Chung-Hsiung Sui (National Taiwan University)
Fredolin Tangang (The National University of Malaysia)
Matthew Wheeler (Australian Bureau of Meteorology)
Weidong Yu (First Institute of Oceanography, China)

Terms of Reference for the SSC
  1. Develop the YMC science and implementation plans.
  2. Promote, coordinate and oversee the YMC field campaign, data sharing, modeling, forecast improvement, and outreach/capacity building activities.
  3. Provide scientific, technical and programmatic guidance to ensure that YMC progresses towards achieving its scientific objectives.
  4. Coordinate YMC participating institutes to maximize the outcome of YMC activities.
  5. Provide liaison between YMC research and operation components and promote research-operation collaboration.
  6. Coordinate and provide oversight and guidance to YMC working groups.
  7. Coordinate between YMC and other relevant international projects and programs to leverage resources and achieve common goals.
  8. Organizing international workshops and meeting sessions on YMC sciences.
  9. Report progress to international YMC oversight organizations.

Implementing Advisory Board

Appointment from the participating MC countries

Observation Networks (Routine + Planned/Proposed)

Upper Air Stations

Weather Radars

NASA AERONET/MPLNET (Courtesy of Brent Holben & Judd Welton)

Implementation Plan

Ver. 1.0 (as of Sept. 18, 2017) [pdf]

The latest version is available from [here]