The Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) and the Japan Drilling Earth Science Consortium (J-DESC) are organizing a four-day Ocean Drilling School to be held aboard D/V Chikyu.

Date 3-6 July 2016 (Sunday to Wednesday)
Applicants Undergraduate and Graduate students, Researchers, and Educators in Earth Science or related fields.
Attendee limit 15 people
Cost The organizers provide round-trip bus transportation from Yokohama to Chikyu and back, accommodation aboard Chikyu, and all meals aboard, free of charge. Attendees have an option for a group dinner ashore on the last evening (charge approx. 3000~4000 JPY).

J-DESC website (in Japanese)

Information for attendees

Attendees and Lectures

Chikyu overview

Chikyu is part of the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP), and the only Scientific Riser Drilling Vessel, capable of drilling up to 7500 meters below the seafloor in riser mode, and can drill in water up to 10000 meters deep in riserless mode. Chikyu has made some major scientific contributions to our understanding of Deep Life, Earthquake Mechanisms, and drilling in harsh and unforgiving environments.

Chikyu is supporting research into the mechanisms and triggers of earthquakes as part of a large-scale complex research project, including installing observatories and subseafloor monitoring. Researchers aboard Chikyu have discovered microorganisms living in coal seam beds deeply buried below the ocean floor at a depth of 2466 m below the seafloor in water 1180 m deep. Chikyu has drilled into active hydrothermal vents and revealed the geological structures forming black-ore. One of main motivation for building Chikyu is the scientific mission to reach and sample the Earth's mantle. Chikyu’s challenges involving science and technology are immense.

More details are available here.

School Overview

Chikyu onboard school is an opportunity to learn about Chikyu’s scientific research highlights, involving laboratory work along the actual process of core flow. The school includes a Chikyu ship tour, lecture and laboratory practical exercises. During the Chikyu ship tour, attendees will learn about riser drilling systems and see the equipment used to achieve this.. In the laboratory, attendees will practice logging, following the core workflow (X-CT, multi-sensor core logger Measurement, X-ray florescence, visual core description) and chemical analysis (gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, mass spectrometer etc.). Attendees are expected to understand the cutting-edge scientific knowledge contributed by scientific drilling.


This opportunity is open to all qualified international students, graduate students, researchers, and educators. Student and researcher are expected to be involved to IODP missions. Educators are expected to inspire and motivating younger generation to be involved into scientific drilling and earth science.


Date Plan
July 3
Depart Yokohama, arrive Chikyu, boarding, check in, safety induction, room assignments. Ship tour and introductory science lecture.
July 4
Lab tours and familiarization, practical lab work, IODP & science lecture.
July 5
Laboratory practical work, group summary and presentation session, general discussion. Optional farewell party ashore (fee required).
July 6
Final lecture and remarks, closing. Return to Yokohama.
This schedule is tentative and subject to change.
Laboratory exercises will include:

Logging analysis
Core description
Microfossil analysis
Geochemical analysis

How to apply ?

All interested applicants are encouraged to apply. Include your:

• Name
• Affiliation
• Position
• CV including field of expertise
• Contact email address
• Your interest in this school, scientific drilling or D/V Chikyu.

Digital applications are encouraged (PDF, if possible). Please send you application to:

Deadline: March 31 (Thr) 23:59 (Japan Standard Time: UTC+9)

Application has been closed.

Preference will be given to applicants who have academic or research experience in Earth Science (see also IODP Science Plan 2013-2023). Applicants must travel to and from Yokohama (before and after the school) on their own expense. Dietary restrictions should be carefully detailed in your application, so that preparations can be made by the galley crew in time for boarding. Applicants who are referred to JAMSTEC by their IODP national offices or implementing organization will receive priority.

All questions and inquiries should be sent to:

We’re looking forward to seeing you aboard Chikyu!

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