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Center for Earth Information Science and Technology

Submission of Data and Samples

Onboard scientists and collaborating onshore scientists will read the Guidebooks for onboard scientists, and with supervised by Chief Scientists and Representatives of Science Parties, please cooperate with us for obtaining and collecting data.

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  Guidebooks for onboard scientists

Guidebooks for onboard scientists
These guidbooks explain how to prepare for cruises, to manage data and samples onboard, and to submit data and samples after the cruise. Onboard scientists and collaborators who deal with the data and samples are suggested to read before the preparation for cruise.

  Preparation for cruise: online request forms

Request form for Public Distribution Moratorium Periods for Routine Observation Data
Chief scientists can state Public Distribution Moratorium Periods for individual Routine Observation Data with this form.
Note: If not stated, Routine Observation Data will be distributed whenever possible.

Request form for core sample containers (D-tubes) for submitting archive samples
Chief Scientists can request sample containers with the form, for submitting archive core samples.
Note: Early requests are suggested to ensure proper loading schedules.

  Template forms for data submission

Metadata Sheet for cruise information
Chief Scientists will organize cruise information with other onboard scientists and submit the information with this file. The file will be processed automatically into the database.
Note: It is suggested that you will check for metadata entries in from (A) to (C) sheets before the cruise, and fill in some entries with available information beforehand.

Metadata sheets for samples (sample list)
Chief Scientists will organize basic information of samples with other onboard scientists and submit the information with these files.

Submission sheets for processed data and sample analysis data
Representatives of Science Parties will submit processed data or sample analysis data with these files.

Proxy data submission request form
Chief Scientists will use this attachment form when they entrust the data submission to cooperating companies who operate research vessels and onboard observation/survey activities.

  Cruise Summary and Cruise Report

Cruise Summary
Chief Scientists, with cooperation with other onboard scientists, will summarize the abstracts of research cruises in this form.
Note: If “(C) Cruise Information - Abstract of Survey” table is filled in the Cruise Information Metadata Sheet, the Chief Scientist will be exempted from submistting the summary by MS-Word document.

Cruise Report
Chief Scientists, with cooperation with other onboard scientists, will submit Cruise Reports for describing onboard research activities.

  Other template formats

Pledge forms for handling data and samples
Representatives for Science Parties will make pledges that they will conduct proper handling of data and samples in accordance with the policies and regulations of Cooperative Research Cruises and JAMSTEC Cruises.

Agreement for transfer of biological samples (for science parties)
Representatives of science parties who will collect biological samples and keep them afterwards will make agreements to conduct proper handling of biological samples.
Note: For Cooperative Research Cruises, this agreement is supposed to be included in the Pledge for Data and Sample Handling.

Notification on having individual contract associated with handling of data and samples
Representatives of Science Parties will submit copies of contract documents with this attachment form, if they have any agreement for data and sample handling with third-party organizations.

Notice of publication
Scientists who use the data and samples obtained by research cruises will submit publication lists when they publish the results on scientific journals, conferences or symposiums, etc.