Data and samples from IODP expeditions can be requested from the expedition Implementing Organization (IO). The data and sample policy for these requests can be found on the program documents page on the IODP website.

Data and samples are available from all IODP (both phases) Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) and Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP) expeditions. Detailed information can be found on the IODP website ( Core and cuttings samples from IODP expeditions in the Indian Ocean and western portions of the Pacific Ocean (west of main ocean trenches) are curated at the Kochi Core Center.

Kochi Core Center

Data from D/V Chikyu IODP Expeditions are stored online on the JAMSTEC Si07 website.

Chikyu IODP Data

Data and sample requests for ongoing or future planned expeditions need to be submitted to the IODP sample request system; please note that you will need to create a (free) user account to make sample and data requests.

IODP Sample Requests

For current and planned expeditions, shipboard scientists will be given preference. Be aware that data and samples from expeditions still under the yearlong moratorium period will be unavailable until the end of the moratorium period. Even if you are not invited to sail, you can still request samples as a shore-based scientist. Remember that the expedition Co-Chief scientists, the Expedition Project Manager/Staff Scientist, and the IODP Curator will evaluate all data and sample requests, for approval, revision, or rejection.