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Drilling Equipment and Control System Improvements

It’s important that the drill bit rotates in a stable manner with adequate contact pressure (called “weight-on-bit”, WOB). However, because of nonlinear dynamic motion of the drill pipe and the drill bit this control is sometimes difficult to achieve in deep drilling.

WOB changes, owing to the propagation of various kinds of vessel motion to the drill pipe. Therefore, the most effective way to mitigate the variations in WOB is to mitigate the propagation of these motions to the drill pipe. Chikyu has a heave compensator to help do just this. CDEX is evaluating the performance of the heave compensator via numerical simulation and data analysis, and improving software based on these evaluations. CDEX is also developing software to control the drilling torque and the rate of penetration.


Crown mount heave compensator installed on the derrick top.

Crown mount heave compensator installed on the derrick top.

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