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Seafloor hydrothermal deposits are generated by seafloor hydrothermal activity, and there is growing interest in better understanding its’ origins, not only for science but also for resource utilization.

Against this background, JAMSTEC is conducting research on the origin of seafloor hydrothermal deposits, as a part of a " Next-generation technology for ocean resources exploration", effort of the " cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP) ".

Artificial hydrothermal vents were created by D/V Chikyu, drilling into a hydrothermal reservoir below the seabed and installing casing pipes and wellheads on the sea floor. After that, LTBMSs to measure temperature, pressure, flow rates, and artificial precipitation in cells, were installed on the artificial hydrothermal vents.

Current Status

  • LTBMS for SIP HOT.

    LTBMS for SIP HOT.

  • Installation and ROV operation of LTBMS.

    Installation and ROV operation of LTBMS.

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