On behalf of JAMSTEC, I would like to thank all scientists participated in the workshop for their enthusiastic discussions to develop ideas for large scale cruises using variety of research vessels which JAMSTEC is operating. Special thanks are extended to moderators who finalized the reports of the workshop uploaded here.

In the near future, executives of JAMSTEC will establish operational framework of the JAMSTEC fleet within this JAMSTEC midterm research period referring to discussions made in the workshop. Based on the framework, JAMSTEC will request a few proponents who are selected by executives for detailed cruise proposals one to two years in advance. Final plan of “large scale cruise” will be decided based on these detailed proposals. I look forward to seeing the final cruise plan that is promising the great scientific success that can be achieved only through large scale cruise(s).

Finally, I would like to appreciate the staff of the research vessel operation unit of JAMSTEC, especially Ms. Chizuru SAITO, Yuko MORI and Miho SHIBAZAKI, for their huge effort paid to organize this workshop.

Yoshihisa SHIRAYAMA, D. Sc.
Executive Director for Science,