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Department of Seamless Environmental Prediction Research

Research Vessels

TANSEI MARU (retired)


Principal specifications
 CompletionLength×BeamGross tonnageAccommodation
Major Mission Equipment
NATSUSHIMA198167×13m1,739t55(18)·PDR ·MBES

·Quantitative echo sounders

·Hydro acoustic navigation system

KAIYO198562×28m3,350 t 60 (31) ·MBES ·MCS ·ADCP ·DPS

·Acoustic transduser for navigation System

YOKOSUKA1990105×16m4,439 t 60(15)·MBES/SBP ·Gravimeter ·Magnetometer

·Hydro acoustic navigation system

KAIREI1997106×16m4,517 t 60(22) ·MBES/SBP
·MCS ·Gravimeter ·Magnetometer ·Winch system

·Hydro acoustic navigation system

MIRAI1997128×19m8,706t 80(46) ·MBES/SBP ·Water sampler ·ADCP
·Doppler radar ·Winch system ·Gravimeter
·Magnetometer ·Radiosonde

·Maritime meteorological observation system

·Hydroacoustic navigation system

201366m×13m1,629 t 41(15)MBES/SBP/PDR, Gravimeter, Magnetometer,
XBT/XCTD, CTD system,
Water sampler Winch system,
Hydroacoustic navigation system, Fish-finder,
Maritime meteorological observation system
HAKUHO-MARU1989100×16m3,991 t 89(35) ·PDR ·MBES ·SBP
·Water sampler ·Winch system
·ADCP ·Gravimeter ·XBT/XCTD
ADCP: Acoustic doppler current profiler
MCS: Multichannel seismic survey system
MBES: Multibeam echo sounder
OBS: Ocean bottom seismograph
  SCS: Single-channel seismic survey system
SBP: Sub-bottom Profiler
DPS: Dynamic positioning system