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Volcanoes and Earth’s Interior Research Center (VERC)


Res DB : JAMSTEC Researchers Database
* : additional post

Director [Principal Researcher]Shigeaki OnoRes DB
[Principal Researcher(retired)]Daisuke SuetsuguRes DB
[Principal Researcher(retired)]Junichi KimuraRes DB
[Visiting Principal Researcher]Hiroshi Shimizu

Geophysical Research Group

Group Leader [Senior Researcher]Satoru TanakaRes DB
[Senior Researcher]Takatoshi YanagisawaRes DB
[Senior Researcher]Masayuki ObayashiRes DB
[Senior Researcher]Masaki YoshidaRes DB
[Researcher]Aki ItoRes DB
[Researcher]Masaru NakanoRes DB
[Researcher]Noriko TadaRes DB
[Researcher]Yoichi UsuiRes DB
[Researcher]Dirk MetzRes DB
[Research Technician]Junko YoshimitsuRes DB
[Technical Support Staff]Tomoya Nakajima
[Research Student]Yuko Kondo
[Visiting Principal Researcher]Hiroko SugiokaRes DB
[Visiting Researcher]Yozo Hamano

Submarine Volcano Research Group

Group Leader  [Principal Researcher]Shigeaki OnoRes DB*
[Researcher]Kenta YoshidaRes DB
[JAMSTEC Young Research Fellow]Mathieu RospabeRes DB
[Technical Support Staff]Tomoki Sato
[Research Assistant]Katsutoshi Kugai
[Visiting Principal Researcher]Yasuhiko OharaRes DB
[Visiting Principal Researcher]Osamu IshizukaRes DB
[Guest Researcher]Katsuyoshi Michibayshi
[Guest Researcher]Susumu Umino
[Guest Researcher]Tomoaki Morishita
[Guest Researcher]Eichi Takazawa

Solid Earth Geochemistry Research Group

Group Leader  [Senior Researcher]Takeshi HanyuRes DB
[Senior Researcher]Qing ChangRes DB
[Senior Researcher]Takashi MiyazakiRes DB
[Senior Researcher]Maria Luisa TejadaRes DB
[Senior Researcher]Tatsu KuwataniRes DB
[Researcher]Kenta UekiRes DB
[Researcher]Morihisa HamadaRes DB
[Researcher]Iona McintoshRes DB
[Research Technician]Bogdan Stefanov VaglarovRes DB
[Postdoctoral Researcher]Atsushi Nakao
[Ability Staff]Mika Mohamed
[Study Support Part Timer]Weihong Zhang
[Study Support Part Timer]Hiroko Higuchi
[Research Assistant]Mitsuko Kanazawa
[Research Assistant]Satoru Haraguchi
[Research Assistant]Taku Yutani
[Visiting Principal Researcher]Mitsuhiro ToriumiRes DB
[Visiting Researcher]Hiroshi Ichihara
[JSPS Visiting Researcher]Erika Tanaka
[Visiting Researcher]Kazutaka Yasukawa
[Visiting Researcher]Kana Ashida
[Visiting Researcher]Junichiro Ohta
[Visiting Researcher]Ryosuke Oyanagi
[Guestl Researcher]Hikaru IwamoriRes DB
[Research Student]Ayumu Nishihara
[Research Student]Jou Aoki
[Research Student]Takahiro Ozawa
[Research Student]Kakeru Ikegami