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New publication in Nature Astronomy:
Preliminary analysis of the Hayabusa2 samples returned from C-type asteroid Ryugu. [Journal]
New publication in Carbohydrate Polymer Technologies and Applications:
Continuing yet mostly reversible structuration of gum arabic in the presence of oil at interface. [Journal]
New publication in Quaternary International:
Reconstruction of diachronic changes in human fishing activity and marine ecosystems from carbon and nitrogen stable isotope ratios of archaeological fish remains. [Journal]
New publication in Lithosphere:
Identification of Paleoearthquakes and Coseismic Slips on a Normal Fault Using High-Precision Quantitative Morphology: Application to the Jiaocheng Fault in the Shanxi Rift, China. [Journal]
New publication in Progress in Earth and Planetary Science:
Detection of planktonic coenzyme factor 430 in a freshwater lake: small-scale analysis for probing archaeal methanogenesis. [Journal]
New publication in Earth and Planetary Science Letters:
Osmium and lithium isotope evidence for weathering feedbacks linked to orbitally paced organic carbon burial and Silurian glaciations. [Journal]
New publication in Applied Geochemistry:
Trace metal geochemical and Zn stable isotope data as tracers for anthropogenic metal contributions in a sediment core from Lake Biwa, Japan. [Journal]
New publication in Geological Society of America Bulletin:
Stratigraphy around the Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary in sediment cores from the Lord Howe Rise, Southwest Pacific. [Journal]
New publication in Global Change Biology:
In situ experimental evidences for responses of abyssal benthic biota to shifts in phytodetritus compositions linked to global climate change. [Journal]
New publication in JACS Au:
Insights into the Methanogenic Population and Potential in Subsurface Marine Sediments Based on Coenzyme F430 as a Function-Specific Biomarker. [Journal]
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New publication in Nature Geoscience:
Sensitivity of Holocene East Antarctic productivity to subdecadal variability set by sea ice. [Journal]
New publication in Astrophysical Journal:
On the nature of organic dust in novae. [Journal]
New publication in Primates:
Carbon and nitrogen stable isotopic offsets between diet and hair/feces in captive orangutans. [Journal]
New publication in Meteoritics and Planetary Science:
Organic matter in carbonaceous chondrite lithologies of Almahata Sitta: Incorporation of previously unsampled carbonaceous chondrite lithologies into ureilitic regolith. [Journal]
New publication in Meteoritics & Planetary Science:
Organic matter in carbonaceous chondrite lithologies of Almahata Sitta: Incorporation of previously unsampled carbonaceous chondrite lithologies into ureilitic regolith. [Journal]
New publication in Frontiers in Earth Science:
The Influence of Weathering, Water Sources, and Hydrological Cycles on Lithium Isotopic Compositions in River Water and Groundwater of the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna River System in Bangladesh. [Journal]
New publication in Meteoritics & Planetary Science:
Extraterrestrial hydroxy amino acids in CM and CR carbonaceous chondrites. [Journal]
New publication in Earth, Planets and Space:
Analytical protocols for Phobos regolith samples returned by the Martian Moons eXploration (MMX) mission. [Journal]
New publication in Progress in Oceanography:
Abyssal fauna, benthic microbes, and organic matter quality across a range of trophic conditions in the western Pacific ocean. [Journal]
New publication in Geochemical Journal:
Assessing the debris generated by the small carry-on impactor operated from the Hayabusa2 mission. [Journal]
New publication in Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology:
Latitudinal Migrations of the Subtropical Front at the Agulhas Plateau Through the Mid-Pleistocene Transition. [Journal]
New publication in Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences:
Organic matter compositions and loadings in river sediments from humid tropical volcanic Luzon island of the Philippines. [Journal]
New publication in Applied Clay Science:
Proposing a classic clay mineral proxy for quantifying kerogen reburial in the geologic past. [Journal]
New publication in Frontiers in Global and Planetary Change:
Paleohydrological dynamics in the Western Mediterranean during the last glacial cycle. [Journal]
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New publication in Earth System Science Data:
MOSAIC (Modern Ocean Sediment Archive and Inventory of Carbon): a (radio)carbon-centric database for seafloor surficial sediments. [Journal]
New publication in Quaternary Science Reviews:
Intensified organic carbon burial on the Australian shelf after the Middle Pleistocene transition. [Journal]
New publication in Geochemical Journal:
An effect of variations in relative sensitivity factors on Al-Mg systematics of Ca-Al-rich inclusions in meteorites with secondary ion mass spectrometry. [Journal]
New publication in Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology:
Hydrological influence on the evolution of a subtropical mangrove ecosystem during the late Holocene from Babitonga Bay, Brazil. [Journal]
New publication in Communications Earth & Environment:
Biomarkers in the rock outcrop of the Kazusa Group reveal palaeoenvironments of the Kuroshio region. [Journal]
Selected as a top-100 paper in Scientific Reports:
Precometary organic matter: A hidden reservoir of water inside the snow line. [Journal]
New publication in Frontiers in Communications Earth & Environment:
Strong glacial-interglacial variability in upper ocean hydrodynamics, biogeochemistry, and productivity in the southern Indian Ocean. [Journal]
New publication in Frontiers in Marine Science:
Influences of Ocean Currents on the Diets of Demersal Fish Communities in the Western North Pacific Revealed by Their Muscle Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopic Compositions. [Journal]
New publication in Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems:
Dating Lake Sediments Using Compound-Specific 14C Analysis of C16 Fatty Acid: A Case Study From the Mount Fuji Volcanic Region, Japan. [Journal]
New publication in Science Advances:
Synthesis of 13C-enriched amino acids with 13C-depleted insoluble organic matter in a formose-type reaction in the early solar system. [Journal]
New publication in Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta:
Potassium phases and isotopic composition in modern marine biogenic carbonates. [Journal]
New publication in Marine Geology:
Messinian West Alboran Sea record in the proximity of Gibraltar: Early signs of Atlantic-Mediterranean gateway restriction. [Journal]

New publication in Marine Pollution Bulletin:
Massive occurrence of benthic plastic debris at the abyssal seafloor beneath the Kuroshio Extension, the North West Pacific. [Journal]

Press release:
A large number of plastic debris were found on the Boso Peninsula seafloor at a depth of approximately 6,000 m -Going to the deep-sea in search of missing plastic-. [Press Release]

New publication in Molecular Ecology Resources:
Faecal proteomics as a novel method to study mammalian behavior and physiology. [Journal]
New publication in Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology:
Plio-Pleistocene Continental Hydroclimate and Indian Ocean Sea Surface Temperatures at the Southeast African Margin. [Journal]
New publication in Frontiers in Earth Science:
Stable Strontium Isotopic Compositions of River Water, Groundwater and Sediments From the Ganges–Brahmaputra–Meghna River System in Bangladesh. [Journal]
New publication in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences:
Climate control on terrestrial biospheric carbon turnover. [Journal]
New publication in Quaternary Science Reviews:
Beryllium isotopes in sediments from Lake Maruwan Oike and Lake Skallen, East Antarctica, reveal substantial glacial discharge during the late Holocene. [Journal]
New publication in Chemical Geology:
When a mid-ocean ridge encroaches a continent: Seafloor-type hydrothermal activity in Lake Asal (Afar Rift). [Journal]
New publication in Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry:
Initial measurement of beryllium‐9 using high‐resolution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry allows for more precise applications of the beryllium isotope system within the Earth Sciences. [Journal]
New publication in International Journal of Mass Spectrometry:
Analytical development of seamless procedures on cation-exchange chromatography and ion-pair chromatography with high-precision mass spectrometry for short-chain peptides. [Journal]

New publication in Scientific Reports:
Discovery of a colossal slickhead (Alepocephaliformes: Alepocephalidae): an active-swimming top predator in the deep waters of Suruga Bay, Japan. [Journal]

Pless release:
Discovery of a Colossal “Yokozuna” Slickhead: An Active-Swimming Top Predator in the Deep Waters of Suruga Bay. [Press Release]

New publication in Chemical Geology:
Osmium isotopic constraints on sulphide formation in the epithermal environment of magmatic-hydrothermal mineral deposits. [Journal]
New publication in Nature:
Antarctic icebergs reorganize ocean circulation during Pleistocene glacials. [Journal]

New publication in Researches in Organic Geochemistry:
Origin of Deep Methane Associated with a Unique Community of Microorganisms in an Organic- and Iodine-Rich Aquifer. [Journal]

Pless release:
Ongoing biological methanogenesis by archaea in iodine-rich deep aquifer around Mobara, southern Kanto region. [Press Release]

New publication in Science of The Total Environment:
Plastic additives in deep-sea debris collected from the western North Pacific and estimation for their environmental loads. [Journal]
New publication in Climate of the Past:
Mid-Holocene Antarctic sea-ice increase driven by marine ice sheet retreat. [Journal]
New publication in Progress in Earth and Planetary Science:
X-ray fluorescence core scanning, magnetic signatures, and organic geochemistry analyses of Ryukyu Trench sediments: turbidites and hemipelagites. [Journal]