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Dynamic Coupling of Ocean-Atmosphere-Land Research Program (DCOP)


[ Purpose ]

Indonesia, where is widely known as the "Maritime Continent" because it is composed of a number of islands and the surrounding sea with warm water, is one of the area which has the largest amount of rainfall over the globe. Clouds and rainfall over the Maritime Continent, i.e., tropical convective systems, play an important role to maintain the world climate system through the global atmospheric circulations, and their variations brought hazardous local torrential rainfalls in some cases. We investigate to clarify the tropical convective systems over the Maritime Continent based on in-situ observations with Doppler radars, etc., and their variations through diurnal, intraseasonal, seasonal, and interannual variations regarding e.g., meso-scale convections, MJO, Asia monsoon, and El Nino, respectively.

[ Data ]

·Doppler Radar
·Dual Polarimetric Radar
·Wind Profiler Radar
·Automatic Weather Stations

[ Intensive Observation Periods ]