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Dynamic Coupling of Ocean-Atmosphere-Land Research Program (DCOP)


[ Purpose ]

PALAU (Pacific Area Long-term Atmospheric observation for Understanding of climate change) project aims to contribute to the elucidation of the effect of tropical weather to climate. For a better understanding of air-sea interactions and cloud-precipitation processes over the warm pool in tropics, there is a need to further investigation on the Western Pacific monsoon and the tropical-extratropical interactions. Toward these objectives, we are conducting weather observations around Palau by using lidar, disdrometer, and other equipments.

[ Current LIDAR Images ]

Remarks. These figures are produced under the collaboration between JAMSTEC and NIES (National Institute for Environmental Studies).

[ Data ]

·Doppler Radar

·Data (2003-2013) are available upon request (see more)

[ Research Topics ]