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YMC-BSM 2018

YMC-BSM 2018 is designed to study boreal summer monsoon by conducting various observations at selected sites, where local unique phenomena are often observed. One key topic is atmospheric convection associated with northward propagating Boreal Summer Intraseasonal Oscillation (BSISO). To study offshore propagation of diurnal cycle of rain and its relation to BSISO, Doppler radar will be deployed in the west coast of the northen Luzon, Laoag area, while radiosonde soundings will be enhanced both at Laoag and Koror, Palau. In addition, three autonomous unmanned surface vehicles will be launched from Palau to occupy 8/10/12N along 132E, where surface meteorology as well as ocean surface current will be measured to study air-sea interaction.
On the other hand, interaction between upper troposphere - lower stratosphere is intensively studied by launching special sondes equipped with ozone-sensor and high accurate hygrometer at Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, and at Kototabang, Indonesia.

July 1 - August 31, 2018

Japan - JAMSTEC, Kyoto University, NME Ltd.
Philippines - The Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), University of the Philippines

Palau - Koror Weather Service

Indonesia - National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN)

Vietnam - National Hydro-Meteorological Service (NHMS)

Observation Network
PAGASA Laoag site
X-band Doppler radar(*1), Radiosonde(*2), GNSS-derived water vapor, Surface meteorology.
*1 ... Radar operation is performed only in August.
*2 ... Radiosonde soundings are conducted every 6 hours for entire 2 months. Intercomparison among several types of radiosonde will be performed.

Radiosonde (4 times/day), Lidar, Disdrometer, Surface meteorology,
Three Unmanned Surface Vehicles (wave-glider) equipped with surface meteorological station, GNSS receiver, and ADCP will be launched from Palau and occupy 8/10/12N along 132E.

Equatorial Atmosphere Observatory at Kototabang
Equatorial Atmosphere Radar (EAR), CFH-Ozone-CPS sonde (10 times during July 12-29)

Hanoi & Ho Chi Ming sites
Ozone sonde (15 times/day)
Data are available from [here].

Numerical Modeling
During the IOP, numerical forecast using NICAM was performed.