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Research and Development Center for Earthquake and Tsunami Forecasting (FEAT)


Res DB : JAMSTEC Researchers Database
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Director [Principal Researcher]Takane HoriRes DB
Coordinator [Principal Researcher]Ryoichi IwaseRes DB
[Principal Researcher]Narumi TakahashiRes DB
[Project Senior Engineer]Takehiro Nishiyama
[Engineer]Kentaro Sueki

Research and Development Group for Seafloor Observatory

Group Leader [Senior Researcher]Eiichiro ArakiRes DB
Deputy Group Leader [Senior Engineer]Takashi Yokobiki
[Senior Researcher]Hiroyuki MatsumotoRes DB
[Researcher]Shuhei NishidaRes DB
[Researcher]Yuya MachidaRes DB

Earthquake and Tsunami Monitoring Group

Group Leader [Researcher]Keisuke AriyoshiRes DB
Deputy Group Leader [Researcher]Kentaro ImaiRes DB
[Researcher]Yojiro YamamotoRes DB
[Administrative Staff]Yoshifusa Nakano
[Young Research Fellow]Yuchen Wang
[Postdoctoral Researcher]Satoshi KusumotoRes DB
[Postdoctoral Researcher]Matthew James CookRes DB
[Postdoctoral Researcher]Anca Opris
[Technical Support Staff]Ryoko Obayashi
[Technical Support Staff]Shuichiro Yada

Earthquake Forecasting Research Group

Group Leader [Senior Researcher]Takeshi IinumaRes DB
[Project Researcher]Akinori Hashima
[Researcher]Ryoichiro AgataRes DB
[Project Engineer]Yoko Kuwamori
[Research Assistant]Yoshihisa Hiyoshi
[Visiting Researcher]Fumiaki TomitaRes DB