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SPIRE Field3


  SPIRE (Strategic Program for Innovative Research )

 SPIRE aims to yield the world's most cutting-edge study achievements by best leveraging The "K computer" supercomputer which will begin operation in 2012. This Program also aims boosting the creation of promotional frameworks for computer science and technology in the study fields under this program. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) received proposals that "K computer" should not only satisfy (general use) needs from a wide variety of scientists, but also be applied at the societal or national levels, where specific study disciplines can use "K computer" selectively and strategically. As a result, the Strategic Conference on Supercomputers has identified the five strategic fields noted below, which would benefit from K's computational resources and are expected to yield significant social and academic breakthroughs

      Field1  Predictable life science, healthcare and drug discovery foundation
      Field2  New Materials and Energy Creation
      Field3  Advanced Prediction Researches for Natural Disaster
                  Prevention and Reduction

      Field4  Next-generation manufacturing technology
      Field5  The origin of matter and the universe

 Applications for the Program's strategic organizations in each strategic discipline were accepted in 2009 and the feasibility study operator was selected to assess the study projects that the strategic organizations would undertake. Each strategic organization will be at the preliminary phase in 2010 and enter full-scale studies in 2011 (for five years)

Decision about strategic organizations of"Next-generation Supercomputer Program"(in Japanese)
Decision about feasibility study operators of"Next-generation Supercomputer Program"(in Japanese)

 Advanced Prediction Researches for Natural Disaster Prevention and Reduction (Field 3)

 Following the feasibility study of the "SPIRE",the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) has been designated as a strategic organization for one of the strategic fields, the "Advanced Prediction Researches for Natural Disaster Prevention and Reduction (Field 3)" Our strategic goals are "to globally project tropical cyclone trends in simulated global warming, demonstrate prediction of local heavy rain falls, establish the foundation for next-generation earthquake hazard maps and improve tsunami warning accuracy" in collaboration with universities and research bodies in Japan. Hence, we focus on yielding the world's most cutting-edge achievements, as well as establishing a promotional framework for computer science and technology in this field