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Results of Researches

High-performance Simulations of Global Seismic Wave Propagation with Unprecedented Accuracy of 1.2 Seconds Seismic Period

Atmospheric Karman vortex shedding from Jeju Island, East China Sea: A numerical study

Ensemble Kalman filter data assimilation and storm surge experiments of tropical cyclone Nargis

The 1000-member ensemble Kalman filtering with the nonhydrostatic numerical weather prediction model on the K computer.

Tohoku University and Fujitsu Succeed in Real-Time Flood Analysis Using Supercomputer-Based High-Resolution Tsunami Modeling

A high-resolution atmosphere-ocean coupled model substantially improves typhoon intensity forecasts verified by a large number of experiments using the K computer

Month-long Predictability of Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) Demonstrated on K Computer Using Highly Complex New-generation Global Model

Super high-resolution simulation of observed 3D structures of the sea breeze front head by the Down-Scaling Simulation System(DS3)

The K computer has made is possible to model cumulonimbus clouds in the world's first global simulation model with the super-high-resolution, in a development that will help us understand the mechanism behind the formation of typhoons and torrential rain.

Forecast experiments for the heavy rainfall event in northern Kyushu in July 2012 with the K computer

Ensemble forecast experiments on tornadoes that occurred in Tsukuba on May 6, 2012