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- 2018 -

  1. Horii, T., I. Ueki, and K. Ando, 2018: Coastal upwelling events along the southern coast of Java during the 2008 positive Indian Ocean Dipole. J. Oceanogr., 74, 499-508. [abstract]

  2. Moteki, Q., M. Katsumata, K. Yoneyama, K. Ando, and T. Hasegawa, 2018: Drastic thickening of the barrier layer off the western coast of Sumatra due to the Madden Julian Oscillation passage during the Pre-Years of the Maritime Continent campaign. Prog. Earth Planet. Sci., 5, 35, doi:10.1186/s40645-018-0190-9. [article]

  3. Ogino, S.-Y., P. Wu, M. Hattori, N. Endo, H. Kubota, T. Inoue, and J. Matsumoto, 2018: Cold surge event observed by the radiosonde observation from the research vessel "Hakuho-maru" over the Philippine Sea in December 2012. Prog. Earth Planet. Sci., 5, 9, doi:10.1186/s40645-017-0163-4. [article]

  4. Suzuki, K., K. Nakagawa, T. Kawano, S. Mori, M. Katsumata, F. Syamsudin, and K. Yoneyama, 2018: Videosonde-observed graupel in different rain systems during Pre-YMC project. SOLA, 14, 148-152. [abstract]

  5. Wu, P., S. Mori, and F. Syamsudin, 2018: Land-sea surface air temperature contrast on the western coast of Sumatra Island during an active phase of the Madden-Julian oscillation. Prog. Earth Planet. Sci., 5, 4, doi:10.1186/s40645-017-0160-7. [article]

  6. Vincent, C. L., and T. P . Lane, 2018: Mesoscale variation in diabatic heating around Sumatra, and its modulation with the Madden-Julian oscillation. Mon. Wea. Rev., 146, 2599-2614. [abstract]

  7. Yamanaka, M.-D., S.-Y. Ogino, P.-M. Wu, J.-I. Hamada, S. Mori, J. Matsumoto, and F. Syamsudin, 2018: Maritime continent coastlines controlling Earth's climate. Prog. Earth Planet. Sci., 5, 21, doi:10.1186/s40645-018-0174-9. [article]

- 2017 -

  1. Ogino, S.-Y., M. D. Yamanaka, S. Mori, and J. Matsumoto, 2017: Tropical coastal dehydrator in global atmospheric water circulation. Geophys. Res. Lett., 44. 11636-11643. [abstract]

  2. Tangang, F., R. Farzanmanesh, A. Mirzaei, Supari, E. Salimun, A. F. Jamaluddin, and L. Juneng, 2017: Characteristics of precipitation extremes in Malaysia associated with El Niño and La Niña events. Int. J. Climatol., 37, 696-716. [abstract]

  3. Vincent, C. L., and T. P. Lane, 2017: A 10-year Austral summer climatology of observed and modeled intraseasonal, mesoscale and diurnal variations over the Maritime Continent. J. Climate, 30, 3807-3828. [abstract]

  4. Wu, P., D. Ardiansyah, S. Yokoi, S. Mori, F. Syamsudin, and K. Yoneyama, 2017: Why torrential rain occurs on the western coast of Sumatra Island at the leading edge of the MJO westerly wind bursts. SOLA, 13, 36-40. [abstract]

  5. Yanase, A., K. Yasunaga, and H. Masunaga, 2017: Relationship between the direction of diurnal rainfall migration and the ambient wind over the southern Sumatra Island. Earth and Space Science, 4, 117-127. [abstract]

  6. Yokoi, S., S. Mori, M. Katsumata, B. Geng, K. Yasunaga, F. Syamsudin, Nurhayati, and K. Yoneyama, 2017: Diurnal cycle of precipitation observed in the western coastal area of Sumatra Island: Offshore preconditioning by gravity waves. Mon. Wea. Rev., 145, 3745-3761. [abstract]

  7. Zhang, C., and J. Ling, 2017: Barrier effect of the Indo-Pacific Maritime Continent on the MJO: Perspectives from tracking MJO precipitation. J. Climate, 30, 3439-3459. [abstract]

- 2016 -

  1. Birch, C. E., S. Webster, S. C. Peatman, D. J. Parker, A. J. Matthews, Y. Li, and M. E. Hassim, 2016: Scale interactions between the MJO and the western Maritime Continent. J. Climate, 29, 2471-2492. [abstract]

  2. Hagos, S. M., C. Zhang, Z. Feng, C. D. Burleyson, C. DeMott, B. Kerns, J. J. Benedict, and M. N. Martini, 2016: The impact of the diurnal cycle on the propagation of Madden-Julian oscillation convection across the Maritime Continent. J. Adv. Model. Earth Syst., 8, 1552-1564. [article]

  3. Hassim, M. E. E., T. P. Lane, and W. W. Grabowski, 2016: The diurnal cycle of rainfall over New Guinea in convection-permitting WRF simulations. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 16, 161-175. [article]

  4. Horii, T., I. Ueki, F. Syamsudin, I. Sofian, and K. Ando, 2016: Intraseasonal coastal upwelling signal along the southern coast of Java observed using Indonesian tidal station data. J. Geophys. Res. Oceans, 121, 2690-2708. [abstract]

  5. Kubokawa, H., M. Satoh, J. Suzuki, and M. Fujiwara, 2016: Influence of topography on temperature variations in the tropical tropopause layer. J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., 121, 11556-11574. [abstract]

  6. Lestari, S., J.-I. Hamada, F. Syamsudin, Sunaryo, J. Matsumoto, and M. D. Yamanaka, 2016: ENSO influences on rainfall extremes around Sulawesi and Maluku Islands in the eastern Indonesian Maritime Continent. SOLA, 12, 37-41. [abstract]

  7. Ogino, S., M. D. Yamanaka, S. Mori, and J. Matsumoto, 2016: How much is the precipitation amount over the tropical coastal region? J. Climate, 29, 1231-1236. [abstract]

  8. Vincent, C. L., and T. P. Lane, 2016: Evolution of the diurnal precipitation cycle with the passage of a Madden-Julian Oscillation event through the Maritime Continent. Mon. Wea. Rev., 144, 1983-2005. [abstract]

  9. Vincent, C. L., T. P. Lane, and M. C. Wheeler, 2016: A local index of Maritime Continent intraseasonal variability based on rain-rates over the land and sea. Geophys. Res. Lett., 43, 9306-9314. [abstract]

  10. Yamanaka, M. D., 2016: Physical climatology of Indonesian maritime continent: An outline to comprehend observational studies. Atmos. Res., 178-179, 231-259. [article]

- 2015 -

  1. Birch, C. E., M. J. Roberts, L. Garcia-Carreras, D. Ackerley, M. J. Reeder, A. P. Lock, and R. Schiemann, 2015: Sea-breeze dynamics and convection initiation: The influence of convective parameterization in weather and climate model biases. J. Climate, 28, 8093-8108. [abstract]

  2. Kubota, H., K. Yoneyama, J.-I. Hamada, P. Wu, A. Sudaryanto, and I. B. Wahyono, 2015: Role of Maritime Continent convection during the preconditioning stage of the Madden-Julian Oscillation observed in CINDY2011/DYNAMO. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 93A, 101-114. [article]

  3. Yokoi, S., and A. Sobel, 2015: Intraseasonal variability and seasonal march of the moist static energy budget over the eastern Maritime Continent during CINDY2011/DYNAMO. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 93A, 81-100. [article]

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